DOWNLOAD the 12 Ways To Energise your Facebook Page Checklist 


Not only will an active Facebook page attract new fans, and potential clients, don’t forget that the Google search bots are indexing your page. So your posts and engagement count towards your Google ranking.

If you want to generate leads, traffic and enquiries through your Facebook business page it’s important to build momentum and engagement. By showing the Facebook algorithm that you’re active on your page, more of your posts will be shown to potential fans and customers.

How do you activate your Facebook page from a cold start, or when starting a new page – or energise a Facebook page that has been dormant for some time? Watch the training for 12 ways to energise your Facebook page, and watch your page turn from tired to thriving.

Here’s a quick summary of the tips shared in the video above ^^

Here are the 12 tips:

#1 Create an eye-catching cover image

#2 Complete your ABOUT section

#3 Use your tabs

#4 Create compelling posts

#5 Share viral videos

#6 Leverage the power of FB Live

#7 Create events and milestones

#8 Post regularly

#9 Promote Your Services

#10 Share compelling graphics

#11 Interact with other pages

#12 Track what’s working with Insights

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