If you’ve got a Facebook group you’ll know how important it is to Grow Your Facebook Group with a constant stream of new members (a bit like having a business and having a constant stream of new business. In fact the two are related!)

Here are three of the best ways I’ve found for consistently bringing in new members to my Facebook Group, The Modern Marketing Club (see what I did there?)

  1. Firstly create a video – here’s one I created for the Modern Marketing Club using Animoto


2. Next, you want to use this video in as many places as possible. You might want to use it:

  • On your blog
  • As a pinned tweet
  • On Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn (yes you can even post videos on LinkedIn now)
  • As a pinned post on your Facebook page
  • YouTube
  • Your Google My Business And Google+ profiles
  • And don’t forget to regularly share it as part of your content marketing strategy

3. Lastly, include an invitation to join your Facebook Group on the Thank you page for all of your sign-up pages, including:

  • Webinar registration
  • Lead magnet opt-in
  • Live meeting confirmations
  • Mailing list sign-up forms

There are many other ways to promote your Facebook Group. Start with these three and you’ll see a steady stream of new members joining your group. And remember every new group member is a potential subscriber, customer and fan!

>> How are you promoting your Facebook Group? Jump over to the Modern Marketing Club and share your best Facebook group promotion idea!