There are 3 stages of learning:
✅Intellectual – where you understand the words you’re hearing
✅Emotional – where you have an AHA moment, an emotional response, that frisson of excitement because you can feel and visualise the potential for yourself
✅Identity Shift – where you uplevel, you FEEL an internal shift, you BE differently. You have a certainty, self-trust, confidence and KNOWING.
Understanding this explains why you need to hear the same thing – sometimes multiple times and from different people in different ways – before it really lands. ✨
You get it but you haven’t really GOT IT until you have the IDENTITY SHIFT. And then you KNOW.✨
The first two levels are temporary. Despite the excitement of having an AHA moment and an emotional response, if you don’t TAKE ACTION and follow-up, that energy soon dissipates and you’ll shrink back into your comfort zone. 🤦‍♀️
This explains why you get all fired up at events and in programs – because you’re having the emotional shifts. But then day to day life consumes you, and progress stops. 🤦‍♀️
Unless you follow-up and actually EMBODY, live and breathe and “walk the walk” on what you’ve learnt, nothing will change.🤦‍♀️
For example, when you want more clients and are doing all the things on Social Media.
✅At the intellectual level, you are downloading all the freebies, taking part in the challenges and attending the masterclasses. You put your notes aside for “when you’re ready”.
✅At the emotional level you FEEL excited. You decide you must try that new strategy and you might even make a few posts.
✅It’s only when you put those new ideas into ACTION, test them out, apply them to your business, and make them yours, and do this consistently, that you get the ✨IDENTITY SHIFT. ✨
The shift where you BEcome the person who makes the 5k+ months, runs a thriving business, launches a successful signature program, or lands those premium 1-2-1 clients. ✨
Without this SHIFT nothing will change.
✅You won’t change
✅Your income won’t change
✅Your impact won’t change.
That’s why the Aligned Marketing Academy offers so much more than just training. Because the learning piece is only the first step.
We do it together💪
3 stages of learningIn the magical energy of the group
💫“I feel like I’m in a tribe of very special women”💫
💫“This is wonderful group with amazing energy”💫
The doors to the Aligned Marketing Academy are opening again soon and at the end of this month the price is going up. 🔥✨