3 Ways Shadow Work Aligns your Marketing and gets the Money and Clients Flowing

When things feel stuck, the energy is heavy, and you’re in your head wondering “what to do” and “how to do it”. The fears, doubts and anxiety start to rise…you realise you’re in “by me” hustle mode energy, but you’re afraid to stop in case the clients and money dries up. 

It’s time to STOP. 


Because sometimes raising your vibe isn’t enough. When you hit a block, it can be resistance that’s deeper and more ingrained. It’s time to do the INNER WORK. 

Inner work involves working with the hidden parts of you. In other words, your “shadow”. 

To survive challenges in life we create coping mechanisms, but these can cause distortions in our energy. Often these are so ingrained, we normalise them, thinking it’s “Just the way I am” or “just the way things are”. 

We often feel fear or shame around them so we try to ignore or suppress them. But at the same time, wondering why we keep repeating the same patterns, working so hard, and our Marketing still isn’t working. Only by doing Shadow Work will you clear the root cause of the problem, and get the money flowing again. 

Here’s 3 ways Shadow work helps you Align your Marketing & Get the clients and Sales flowing: 

  1. Understand that those blocks that are holding you back, keeping you safe, keeping you in your comfort zone, are shining a light on where HEALING and GROWTH are needed. It’s the Universe saying, “hello, you’re heading off track”. 
  2. These patterns and behaviours have surfaced so that you can clear them. Your soul wants to take you towards your PURPOSE and TRUE SELF. Isn’t it time to listen? 

With SHADOW WORK you identify and release the resistance that is stopping your marketing working, and keeping all the good stuff – like money – away. 

To understand and work with your shadow, it’s useful to talk about archetypes (first described by Carl Jung)  

Archetypes help us understand the lower energies, such as the Victim, Saboteur, Inner Child, and Prostitute. They hold you back by distorting your energy which knocks your confidence, affects how you value yourself, and filters through in your Marketing.

  1. Shadow work is about removing these distortions and releasing yourself from the fears and doubts. It’s about giving yourself permission to be YOU, so you show up as your fullest, more potent version of yourself. It’s about Marketing on your Terms. 

When you clear your Energy, you become a more empowered and abundant version of you that can’t help but MAGNETISE Money & Clients (and whatever else your heart desires). 

This is probably best illustrated with an some examples of how Shadow work has played out with my Clients and their Marketing ….

< ⁣For example, I may have a client who complains that her posts aren’t generating any enquiries >

Within 15 minutes, I discover that she’s sharing surface level, generic posts, that don’t reveal anything about her own journey, or how she helps her clients. Not only is she not articulating her value …but her message isn’t clear, and she’s playing so safe, her posts are lost in the noise. 

⁣Why would clients stop and read further, or want to get to know you, when you don’t give them a clear reason to do so, and your energy is uncertain? 

> ⁣I also have clients who are frustrated that they are working hard but not seeing more coming into the bank account. <

⁣Before our session, she thinks she’s annoyed that her marketing isn’t working …“how come I’m doing all this work and still not making the money I deserve!!!

⁣Once we lean into the energy behind her frustration the truth reveals she’s actually annoyed (and possibly feeling shame) that – at some level – she doesn’t feel worthy of what she wants. She says she wants it, but her lack of clarity, and indecision, show that her energy is not aligned with it. She struggles with being bold and courageous in Marketing, which keeps clients away. 

If your energy isn’t aligned, it doesn’t matter how amazing your Marketing is, you will struggle to attract clients and sales.  

If this resonates then join me for a brand new Aligned Marketing module: Journey with your Shadow. Over 8 weeks you’ll be gently guided to work with your shadow archetypes to clear your Energy and Open up to More Clients and Sales.