3 Ways to Find Your Audience On Facebook and Instagram

We’ve had lots of questions in the Social Media Accelerator recently about audiences. More specifically, how to find them, target them, customise them, engage with them.

As a side note, in the Instagram Kick Starter we’re using a powerful hashtag strategy to find and connect with our audience.

Being able to find and get in front of your ideal audience is KEY to success on Social Media.

So, here are 3 ways to find your audience on Facebook and Instagram…

1. Interests – search for your audience based on their behaviours, interests, influencers, job titles, trade affiliations etc. If you want help drilling down beyond the basic demographics, grab a copy of my free Avatar cheatsheet.

2. Custom audiences – these are audiences who have already engaged with you in some way. For example, visited your website, RSVP’d to an event, engaged with you on Instagram.


3. Lookalike Audiences – these are COLD audiences that are created by Facebook. They are generated using the traits and behaviours of your custom audiences.

For a new campaign it’s worth testing all or a combination of these audiences to find the one that converts the highest. Or run different campaigns.

For example, lead ads to cold audiences and traffic campaigns to warm audiences (since they’re more likely to convert).

If you need help finding and connecting with your audience(s) on Facebook or Instagram, please get in touch.

A experienced expert (me!) can save you a lot of wasted time and effort, and money if you’re running ads. I know how tough it can be trying to figure this stuff out on your own.

Cassie xoxo