30 Day GET MORE CLIENTS Intensive

Get More Clients from Social Media: 30 Day Intensive

I run a 30 day program to help purpose-drive business owners like you get new clients in the door and do it consistently. And then continue to grow your business month on month with a complete Sales and Marketing System for LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Instagram. 




I have a great offer for conscious coaches and creators who are brilliant at what they do but their marketing isn’t working as well as they’d like, and they want an easier way to bring in more clients from Social Media.


We work together for 4 weeks to create your personalised strategy covering 4 key areas: 

    • 1. CLARITY – Becoming Magnetic


I help you position yourself for success online by refining your target audience, offer and message, so you magnetically attract your perfect- for-you dream clients with confidence and ease.


You’ll clearly and confidently articulate your value, and create a strategy for getting in front of your soulmate clients using the most aligned method for you (e.g. lives, videos or stories). We also figure out which hashtags, keywords and groups will get you on the map and quickly build an engaged audience. 




Craft a plan so you know exactly what, how and where to post to magnetise clients and generate sales conversations. 


I show you how to “join the dots” from posting on Social Media to generating enquiries and sales, so your message and the outcome you deliver are clearly articulated. We also figure out your unique Marketing Personality (using Human Design) so you market confidently and effectively, while playing to your strengths. 




We figure out exactly how you’ll initiate sales conversations and get super visible.


I show you strategies to grow an audience of people who want what you offer. We also figure out which method of connecting with prospects (DMs, emails, inbound vs. outbound) is the best fit for you.

  • 4. superConscious Marketing 


Become more personally magnetic by learning how to tap into the principles of energetic marketing so you attract clients with ease. 


Learn how to tap into your Superconscious to release any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back; daily rituals to raise your vibration (making you even more magnetic); and tools and techniques to boost your confidence so you charge your worth, and show up as the highest version of yourself. 


Includes 6 weekly live Q&A calls, lifetime access to the training portal (updated as new strategies become available), and private FB group with direct access to me to help you through the process. 


In order to qualify for this offer, you must…


1)–Already have a business and have worked with some clients (even if unpaid and this is your “passion” project) 


2) — You’ve maybe sussed some of the basics, such as “who is your ideal client” “what is your core message” but could use some help putting those things into a clear plan. 


3) You realise that successful marketing on Social Media is about more than just strategy. 


The price for this offer is a respectable four-figure investment and small compared to the potential income and trajectory your business will be on. My goal is for you to make at least 2-3X your investment back. 

Based on my knowledge of Social Media from running an agency for 7+ years, and the methods I teach, it’s very possible to get new clients every month with ease. 

If interested in this offer, shoot me a PM and we’ll have a quick chat to see if it’s a fit for you. 

  • Typical examples of past clients’ results
    • New clients after one call
    • Launched new coaching program, and immediately landed new clients 
    • 40% increase in enquiries from tweaking ONE post
    • 15% increase in sales month on month 
    • 4X sales using one strategy
    • Launched new coaching program and events, and landed gig as columnist for a popular magazine (reaching 5k+people every month) 
    • Confidence to launch a super successful new personal brand on LinkedIn after gender transition