CASE STUDY – How one of my Social Media Accelerator members 4X sales using just ONE Social Media strategy.

The Scenario

When I first connected with Kirstin Hancock from BlueMaestro she was fed up with Social Media. In Kirstin’s own words, she had “disconnected” from Social Media because she was spending time creating content that was not getting any traction. Kirstin, like many entrepreneurs, is a very busy lady, juggling family and business, and wearing many different hats. Marketing and Social Media are just more things to do on a very long To Do list!

The Solution

Kirstin took part in the Instagram Stories Challenge and very quickly saw results. She then went on to join the Social Media Accelerator (my group mentoring program that takes you from “Who are you?” to “How can we work together?”). Kirstin learnt about the “Power of Ones” and a hot new Instagram strategy – and started focusing her efforts on that, using the strategy she’d learnt in the program. Now she could focus her limited marketing time on ONE thing.

The Breakthrough

Using this one strategy, Kirstin 4X her sales – without hustling, creating tons of content or spending hours on Social Media.

The Benefits

  • 4X Sales
  • Increased engagement
  • Instant connection and rapport with the BlueMaestro client base

Next Steps

Imagine 4X your sales this month? What would that mean for your business? What are you missing out on if you’re not using the right strategy? And how do you find THE strategy that will work for you (goodbye overwhelm and frustration)

That’s where I come in. As an experienced Social and Digital Marketer, and Mentor, I can help you find your THING so you can get results like this too. You’ll shortcut a lot of the frustrations and painful learning process by working with someone who walks the walk and can show you what is actually working in Social Media TODAY

Get in touch if you’d like to chat about finding THE strategy that will blow up your sales.