With all the noise on Social Media it’s more important than ever to stand out and “stop the scroll”. Watch a recent live stream where I share 5 fun and different ways to get attention…

Here’s a summary of the 5 ways to show up with a bang!

Visual graphics – your images are what will get you noticed first. Need inspiration for something different than the same old stock photos? If you’re a dab hand with the camera, you could take your own pictures OR check out one of the less main stream photo libraries (Looking for some awesome free images?)

  1. Ask a question. Maybe be a bit controversial…….or start a discussion on a hot topic of the day. “Did you know…..”
  2. Share an anecdote or quote. What works well here is to pull from popular movies, TV shows, and influencers.
  3. Create a mental image. Start your post with “Imagine the scenario…” and then paint the picture. Be specific, be dramatic, be real! Another version of this that works well is “Remember when?” (think #throwbackThursday type posts)
  4. Use an analogy. So you might say something like “Not using Social Media in your marketing is like sailing without a boat” (of course relevant to your industry, audience or niche!)
  5. Lead with a startling statistic. “Did you know that 70% of companies IGNORE questions on their Facebook page!” (btw, that statistic is true apparently).