We’ve been in the thick of the 7-day Facebook Live Challenge in the Modern Marketing Club (my free Facebook group for ambitious business owners who want to generate more leads, traffic and clients online). #shamelessplug

It’s been a great week and those that took part have really found their confidence has increased and they’ve become much more natural in front of the camera. The challenge has inspired me to share 5 Ways To Use Facebook Live to Promote Your Business

#1 Introduce your community to the “real” you

Our first challenge was just to introduce ourselves and it was really interesting how some people talked about their business, some talked about their family, their work, where they are based…….you hear a lot about being authentic and going live on camera to talk to your community online makes you very real.

Creating an online community is a very key part of positioning yourself as a leader, an expert, someone who can help those you serve, so show them the real you, warts and all!

You can watch some of the intro videos here (and remember most of these people have never live streamed before)

#2 Share your WHY

If you’ve watched Simon Sinek’s amazing TedTalk (Start with Why – how great leaders inspire action) you’ll agree that understanding and sharing your WHY is so important. It may seem a bit personal but if you think about it from a business perspective it’s the reason you do what you do – and that emotional pull is what attracts your community to you.

Share your WHY, talk about your vision for a better world, how you want to help build schools in Africa, or inspire young entrepreneurs.

Your message will resonate with those that you’re suited to working with. And it’s how great leaders inspire action.

#3 Showcase Your Products and Services

Now this will be easier for some than others but live streaming is a great way to show people what you do or what you sell. One of my clients, and Modern Marketing Club members Teresa and Liz from AuraDecorDesigns showed us some of their clever Christmas Table in a box gift sets – a couple of minutes of live streaming did more for their promotions than any sales page or Facebook offer.

As a service based provider you can peel back the curtain and show people where you work. Introduce your team, or live stream from an event or client site, or show people something you’re working on. Humans are basically nosy (hence the popularity of reality TV) so get out from behind your company logo and be real!

#4 Position Yourself as an Expert 

Live streaming is a great way to share tips, offer advice, run Q^A sessions and show your audience how brilliant you are

#5 Cause Marketing 

If you’re supporting a cause or following someone who is, share that on your live streams. One of our daily challenges was to recommend a business book or TEDTalk and we had a great recommendation for a new book from a very inspiring woman entrepreneur who’s inspiring women to rise up and embrace their feminine power. If that message resonates with your potential clients then share that and share why you feel so passionately about it.

So there’s just a few ways you can use Facebook Live to promote your business. Which other ways do you use Facebook Live? Hop on over to the Modern Marketing Club and let me know your ideas – you can live stream your ideas if you like!