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A 6-week experience for soul-led entrepreneurs ready to attract soulmate clients and sales with energy, not effort

Aligned Marketing*

Get into Flow with your Marketing and Attract clients with Ease

Build your Brand - Grow your Audience - Boost your Confidence and Sales online

With Aligned Marketing* you'll discover how to market in FLOW so attracting clients becomes easy and natural.

You're brilliant at what you do but Marketing feels like hard work and you know there's an easier way - that's more aligned with your natural talents and personality.

In Aligned Marketing* you'll experience truly inspiring mind shifts and transformations so you become magnetic to your soul mate clients:

✨ Like Elaine who picked up 7 new clients in a day after having a big AHA moment with Human Design

✨ Like Mo who was “buzzing” and “flying” after one session and immediately landed 4 new clients!

✨ Like Gail who effortlessly attracted a high ticket, ideal client “out of the blue” without it feeling like work. 

✨Like Gina who fully booked out her sessions AND was asked to extend her program

✨Like Olwen who picked up 5 new clients once she realised how to apply energetic principles to get into marketing “flow” 

✨Like Paula who had a major AHA moment when she realised the two new ideal clients she’d attracted were the EXACT match to the intentions she’d set

These are just a few of the amazing results clients have achieved … and they are growing and expanding in all areas of their lives.


If you’re ready to discover a new approach to Marketing using Energy, not effort, then

Aligned Marketing* is for you!

📍 Over our 6 weeks together you'll:

🌟Identify your unique marketing personality so you get into marketing "flow" and market with a confidence that's highly magnetic to your soul mate Clients

🌟Attract your soul mate clients in a way that feels natural - no hustle, overwhelm or feeling pushy  

🌟 Create content from intuition - so you're marketing your services with far greater ease than ever before

🌟 Open your mind to limitless possibilities and opportunities - so you go from feeling stuck to motoring your business forward with complete clarity

🌟 Learn how to Align with your higher self because your higher self knows how to align with everything you want


6 weekly live calls with full support from myself and the group, and time to implement

Week 1: Introduction to Energetic Marketing and getting into Flow

Week 2: Your Client Attraction Strategy

Week 3: Branding from the Heart

Week 4: Conscious Content Creation

Week 5: Creating and Promoting your Aligned Offer

Week 6: Aligned Sales

PLUS! Energy activations and consciousness journeys to unlock your potential and clear any blocks to your success



This is a £1,497 (or 3 x £550 payments) investment

🤩 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - £997 or 2 x £550 payments 🤩


🌟BONUS #1: Personal Energy reading to unlock ultimate flow in your business. This is what landed me 3 new clients in a week without working harder.

🌟 BONUS #2: HashTag How To's Masterclass (#1 Instagram client attraction strategy)

🌟BONUS #3: Leverage your livestreams training (#1 Facebook client attraction strategy)


ONLY £997 (inc VAT) or 2 x payments of £550


Align your Marketing so you become super attractive to soul mate clients

Unlock unlimited possibilities with Energetics and Human Design

More Impact 🌟 Aligned Marketing* 🌟 More Income

Meet your host...

Hi, I'm Cassie Hicks, Marketing and Alignment Mentor (and Speaker) for conscious coaches and creators who are ready to uplevel. 

My passion is showing savvy business owners how to elevate their Energy and Mindset to grow their business without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. 

Aligned Marketing* is how we achieve that, by creating a personal plan based on your unique energetic blueprint and innate skills and talents.

My superpower is the ability to tap into your unique marketing advantage quickly. But don't take my word for it! ...

What they say...

Mo was buzzing - and attracted new clients in two businesses

Lara attracted 4 new referrals in 2 days

Paula manifested 2 dream clients and it felt totally natural

Olwen attracted 5+ clients with ease using Aligned Marketing

How Human Design "radically" changed Usha's approach to marketing and business

Aligned Marketing* gave Usha a new lease of life

Elaine landed 7 new clients once she got out of her comfort zone

Elaine rekindled the excitement in her business and built huge momentum in her business

Julie found this to be a "massively useful marketing tool", especially the marketing grid

Su found the approaches that worked for her and how to lean in naturally to what she does best

Julie found herself freed up and much more creative after the Aligned Marketing* program

Su loved the marketing spreadsheet for how best to market her business

Juicy Bonuses 🍋

BONUS: Personalised Energy Reading to identify and clear any blocks stopping you from achieving your goals

BONUS: Hashtag How To's Masterclass (#1 client attraction strategy)

BONUS: Conscious journeying and Energy Activations to connect you with your soulmate clients and unlock your highest impact and income



ONLY £997 (inc VAT) or 2 x payments of £550