Aligned Marketing has massively impacted my business. It can do the same for yours too!

Aligned Marketing – Who am I to be teaching this? 

So glad you asked! 

Picture this scenario…

You’ve achieved a certain level of success in your business, but you know you’re capable of more. But that next level eludes you, despite doing all the things you’ve been taught to do. 

You want to get to your next level – income and impact wise – but you know it’s not more work on the ‘outer’ strategies that will get you there.

That was me 2 years ago. 

I was into the 7th year of running a successful award-winning marketing agency which I’d built up from scratch to six-figures using Social Media. While I loved what I was doing something felt “off” (which I now realise means something was out of alignment). 

It was hard to pinpoint what it was but I felt frustrated at not getting above a certain level of success. I was ready for Next Level me but kept bumping my head against the glass ceiling and not able to breakthrough. 

As my frustration grew, so did my interest in the spiritual side of life, and in particular the principles of energy and consciousness. It seemed unreal and fabulous to me then, but also fascinating. 

I worked with a coach specialising in Energetic marketing and business and while I understood the concepts and principles at a logical level, I didn’t fully integrate or embody them. I wanted a Next Level business, but I hadn’t fully stepped into being Next Level me.  

energetic approachSomething was stopping me – and I knew it was me, getting in my own way, but didn’t know what it was, or how to get rid of it. Queue a chance encounter with the world of the superconscious, which has literally changed my life. 

From there, I saw an opportunity to have fun with business, while testing out these incredibly powerful concepts as they relate to marketing. In fact, energetics and the superconscious go way beyond marketing and business but I wanted to stay focused on my favourite clients – the female small business owner who is brilliant at what she does but marketing isn’t her zone of genius. 

I knew if the principles worked for me, they would work for her. And I would BE the living, breathing “walking the walk” example. 

Using Energetic Marketing in my own business has been literally life changing. Once I absorbed and embodied the teachings and put them into practice I literally had clients, new revenue streams and opportunities opening up left, right and centre. 

Recent weeks have seen 1-2 client enquiries a day and 5-10k+ of new business in the bank. And the best thing is, it’s sustainable, and scaleable. And I’m not working harder, I’m not doing all the things, and I’m having great fun, working with amazing people. 

It feels aligned, exciting and totally Next Level! 

If you’d like to experience this level of ease in your business, check out the Aligned Marketing* Mentorship. My signature program which has been totally revamped for 2021 and where I’m sharing EVERYTHING I’ve learnt about using energetics to get into flow, and grow your business and income, with ease. What have you got to lose?