// Aligned Marketing //
What’s your biggest challenge with Marketing (or Business in general)?
🤔Maybe you feel like a square peg in a round hole
🤔Frustrated that you’re doing “all the things” and nothing seems to work, while other people make it look easy?
🤔You wonder if you’re missing something
🤔Maybe there’s something wrong with you
🤔Or you’re just not cut out for this business lark!?
aligned marketingI get it.
💡It’s taken me 7 years (probably longer if I’m honest) to realise why certain things have felt like a struggle
All the years of knowing WHAT to do and HOW to do it (because I teach this stuff FFS!) but resisting certain things in my own business.
Having to grit my teeth and push through things that drained the life out of me
Feeling irritated with people blithely talking about business being “fun and easy”.
📢Take planning
I’ve taught content planning for years, and when I’ve had someone on my team to plan with (and implement) it works a treat.
Left to my own devices since pivoting my business last year, I’m my own worst enemy.
I marvel at people who can plan out their launches and stick to the plan!
Maybe (I used to think) I’m lazy, or not committed enough, or sabotaging myself!?.
💥Since uncovering some truths about my Marketing “personality” it now makes perfect sense!
That type of structure and “sticking to the plan” doesn’t work (for me).
It drains my energy and makes me feel like a robot.
📢Case in point – I’ve built two businesses to six figures but they sucked the life out of me.
Yes, I hit and exceeded my financial targets but I ended up resenting the business and it felt like a struggle
Understanding my “marketing personality” has been a game changer. Already my energy, engagement and connection and potential clients reaching out to me is through the roof!
📢 One of the biggest learning lessons in life is to understand yourself (and what really drives you). For me it meant giving myself permission to DO THINGS MY WAY.
💥To play to my strengths (which mean my clients get the BEST of me and the BEST results for them)
💥To release the worry about what other people are doing
💥To ignore the guru’s who say “this is THE WAY or THE THING”
💥To go against conventional wisdom if THAT doesn’t suit me.
💥It’s scary carving your own path, but it’s THE ONLY THING that truly works! *facepalm*
📢There are 5 major personality “types” in the Human Design system, and each suits a different style of connection and communication.
😍This is a large part of your “marketing personality”
If you’d like to discover YOUR marketing personality, and the most aligned strategies and tools to grow YOUR business, join me for a new 30 day experience, Aligned Marketing.
🥳Attract more clients by working WITH your natural Marketing Personality
🥳Supercharge your business with an Aligned Marketing strategy
🥳Create your magnetic marketing message and irresistible offer
🥳Position yourself for success online with a compelling content plan
4 weeks – 1 weekly live call – in an intimate group container – with time to absorb and implement in between sessions 💫
🌟BONUS #1: Your Aligned Marketing Kit
🌟BONUS #2: A Personalised Human Design chart
🌟BONUS #3: One of my mentors, a Human Design expert, is guest coaching on the first call to guide you through your chart and explain how it informs your behaviour, strengths, communication style, energy (and more).