Being in Alignment isn’t all rainbows and unicorns! 🌈🦄
As a spiritual entrepreneur I believe that we create our reality, that our outer world reflects our inner world, and that things happen for a reason.
And that’s great when things are ticking along nicely. But what about when the 💩hits the fan?
Not so easy to be all zen and at one with the Universe then, is it!?
I used to think that being in alignment meant things were easy and effortless.
And it can be that way.
But being in alignment can also be bloody hard.
It can test your resolve.
It can cause the sort of anxiety that raises your stress hormones and disconnects you from your creativity and ability to problem solve.
You can get stuck in your head trying to figure stuff out. Trying to make sense of things. Overthinking.
But being AWARE of these things and actually being able to work through the emotions, and shift your energy in a positive direction are two different things!
I’m feeling incredibly challenged at the moment and am mired in what seems like never ending red tape, financial and legal matters.
It’s really hard not to feel worn down by it.
I know the only way through is to keep going.
And to do the energy work every day. To be an observer rather than a victim or complainer.
It’s not about pushing through. It’s about KNOWING that where you’re heading is aligned for you and the greatest good, and the next level of your business, journey and life
I feel that 100% but I believe there are lessons and healing and growth that are needed because I’m not there yet.
And it’s OK to feel the feelings. But it’s important to allow them to process in whichever way is best for us – another area where knowing your Human Design is really useful
So if life is challenging at the moment, feel into whether you are in or out of alignment, and respond accordingly.
And if you need help you know where I am.
I am feeling very called to help others that are going through challenging times. Reach out and let’s chat ❤