Social Media can be overwhelming but there are wealth of tools to help you streamline your marketing. Many of them are free or low cost too! Here’s the full list of the best Social Media Tools

In this week’s Facebook Live I shared over 20 of my favourite top Social Media Tools and Resources (something workshop attendees always say are one of the highlights of the training).

Here’s just some of the latest tools you’ll discover:

?? Automate aspects of your social media
?? Find the best hashtags
?? Improve your targeting
?? Integrate marketing apps
?? Create compelling content and graphics for FB and IS
?? Repurpose content
?? Create and share videos
?? Find the best royalty free images
?? Save time!

Check out the full list of Social Media marketing tools, apps and resources HERE

** – Here are 2 more amazingly useful business tools that should be on the list:


Toggl is a very easy to use time management tool. If you’re working for clients it’s important you track the time spent on each account, and you can use Toggl for tracking the time spent on various marketing activities. You might be surprised at how you’re spending your time!


As an agency owner working with hundreds of clients, passwords are the bane of my life. It’s bad enough keeping track of all the passwords for your own social media accounts – but fear not, there’s LastPass.

Not only does LastPass store your passwords securely (one click login anyone?) you can share logins with others without having to reveal passwords. Absolutely brilliant.

Which tools or apps do you rely on to help with your Social Media Marketing? Share them in the Modern Marketing Club (my free Facebook group)