I don’t need to tell you how important Facebook can be as part of your overall marketing strategy. And there are lots of simple tips and tricks to increasing your fan base quickly (and lots of advanced strategies too!). But, for most people, these three hacks will make a significant difference quickly.

Why is this important?

Because social media is the top of your marketing funnel (or the start of your customer’s journey if you want to look at it like that) so you want to attract as many relevant people as possible and introduce them to what you do. The first step is to build your fan base and keep expanding your influence and reach. 

Tip #1 is to make sure your business page is coming up on the ABOUT tab on your personal profile (see the image here for how to do this). If you don’t put a  direct link to your business page, you run the risk of getting a default, blank page, which means no-one will find your business page. And you want to make it easy for people that already know, like and trust you, to be able to support your business page.

build your facebook fan base


When this is set up correctly, your business page will appear as such:

build your facebook fan base


Tip #2 is to invite your friends to LIKE your page. 

Don’t bombard people, or make friends with people just to get them to LIKE your page, but you can ask your contacts to like your page. Here’s how…….

1. Sign into your personal profile on Facebook

2. Go to your business page by typing the full url in the navigation bar (http://facebook.com/modernmarketingspark)

3. Click on Build Audience –> Invite Friends

Build your facebook fan base


Tip #3. Import Your Contacts

Import your contacts from Gmail, Aweber, MailChimp, LinkedIn, or any email list and Facebook will match up the emails on your list with people that have Facebook accounts. You can then invite them to like your page, or advertise to them as a group (that’s another blog post and training webinar!)

It’s a quick way of letting your contacts know that you have a Facebook business page.

Here’s how:

STEP 1: Log into your personal profile –> type in your full facebook page url (http://facebook.com/modernmarketingspark) –> click on the “Build Audience” tab –> Import Contacts

Build your facebook fan base

STEP 2: Import contacts (you can do this with multiple lists)

Build your facebook fan base

TOP TIP FOR NEWBIES: If you’re just starting a Facebook page, it’s important to get 30 LIKEs as quickly as you can so you can start getting Facebook’s analytics, called “Insights” and seeing what’s working on your page.

Try these out and let me know how you get on, by posting on the MMSpark Facebook Page. I can’t wait to hear your success stories!