CASE STUDY – Generating Leads and High End Sales with a Facebook Ads Funnel. AND sharing a clever hack to get your Facebook ads to pay for themselves (yes, that’s right, free traffic!)

The Scenario

Our client (a property investor) had created a number of assets but didn’t know how to use them in a cohesive system to generate leads and sales. His goal was to sell his high end mentoring program, fill his training workshops and generate leads for his mailing list. He had all the components for a “funnel” (automated marketing system) but wasn’t sure how to leverage them to grow his business. His assets included an Amazon best-selling book, live training workshops and a webinar.

The Solution

We created a number of marketing funnels for him and tested them against each other to see what would work best. We needed to determine which entry point into the funnel would get the most traffic and traction, and which would ultimately convert best into paying customers.

The Breakthrough

Of the two main Facebook ad funnels we tested, one was clearly the winner and that’s where we focused our energy and budget. The testing process generated plenty of data and we were able to use that to create custom audiences for remarketing.

Once we started remarketing the click costs went down and conversions went up. Now we were ready to automate the whole process because we could measure the ROI (Return on investment) which in this one part of the campaign shown was 30X ad spend.

The Benefits

  • Generated a $10k mentoring client
  • 268 qualified leads added to the mailing list in one month
  • Warm (custom) audiences generated for remarketing
  • Remarketing results in higher clicks and lower conversion costs
  • The Tripwire (audio book upsell) made $200 – almost offsetting all the $300 ad spend (of course the next step is to test ways to increase the tripwire income to fully cover the ad costs)

Next Steps

What do you need to create your own automated Facebook Marketing system?

  • A clear strategy
  • Assets (e.g. video, freebie, book, webinar, live stream training)
  • Someone who knows how to put the whole thing together (that’s where myself and my team come in!) – yes you can build this yourself but you can shortcut a lot of the frustrations and painful learning process by working with a professional.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat about creating a Facebook ads funnel for your business.