Facebook Case Study

A client asked me to help with their Facebook page as it wasn’t serving them at all. They were struggling with what to say, how to say it, and how best to communicate with their fans. They had virtually no engagement and no online presence or community. Their Facebook page was just an empty bill board where they’d post promotions when they needed to fill a class or if things were quiet in the clinic.

After our strategy session I mapped out a simple plan for them to enhance their Facebook page, build community and increase engagement with their prospects and customers. The core of the plan was a simple daily social media strategy and when they followed the steps the plan worked like a dream.

In fact, in this particular case the client was too busy to manage their Social Media effectively so we took over the management for them.

Here is how their Facebook following looked after we implemented their organic (posting) strategy (first red arrow):

We took the page from ~ 400 fans to over 800 within 3 months, using a our simple Facebook marketing strategy.

We then took things up a notch in October with some low level Facebook ads, promoting a special offer. As you can see (second red arrow) this increased their fan base by 40% within 2 weeks.

By building up their fan base and online community, engagement went up by 400%, and we started to see regular interaction and engagement on the page. Contests and offers were eagerly anticipated and the overall impact was a 15% increase in sales, month on month.

The moral of the story here is that an organic (i.e. free) posting strategy DOES work but it’s a long slow burn. You have to be patient, post consistently and have a solid strategy. Today we would use video and live streaming to boost the page.

However, for fast results, ads are the way to go if you want to see results quickly.

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