THIS HAPPENED AFTER CLEARING MONEY BLOCKS…(serious clearing money blocks was needed!)

This week was a big one for me. A hugely successful and validating one.

I had my first successful launch in ages, and am honoured to be working with 9 beautiful souls in Aligned Marketing.

The energy of the group and feedback has been amazing:

“I felt really empowered after yesterday”

“Brilliant session today with cassiehicksaligned”

“Thanks so much for today’s call Cassie. I feel clearer already. “

Aligned Marketing is now available in a new hybrid “evergreen” format, meaning there is a mixture of live rounds, a library of all the training and expertise you need, as well as 12 months of ongoing coaching and “hot seat” support. So you get the support you need as your marketing evolves. 

As an idea of what we’ve been working on already…

  • Messaging
  • Getting fully booked
  • Launching new programs
  • Creating aligned and magnetic Offers
  • Getting into, and working in, the FLOW state
  • Mastering energy
  • Attracting Soulmate clients

One of the BONUSES of being part of Aligned Marketing, is the opportunity to have your sales pages, offers and content reviewed.

Yesterday I recorded a 30 minute video review of a client’s sales page and offer. It was a fantastic case study for putting together an aligned offer – and on point messaging and content – that will resonate with soulmate clients.

In the past, this process generated 5 new clients for one of my Aligned Marketing members. Based on my feedback, she tweaked her copy and successfully launched her new VIP program, and welcomed in 5 new clients.

That’s the power of having expert eyes on your materials. And just one of many benefits of being part of the Aligned Marketing family.

Aligned Marketing is different to any other marketing, coaching or energetics program you’ve ever experienced before.

  • It’s not a set training program that forces you to follow a specific strategy. You create what you need for your business.
  • It’s not beginner level marketing (although there is training that covers all the strategies you’ll ever need).
  • It’s personalised, and shows you how to work with your energy, your personality, and your unique gifts

When is the best time to start?

Aligned Marketing is structured as an evergreen program, meaning you don’t have to wait for a live round to join the program. Jump in now (or when you are ready to uplevel your marketing)!

The “live” support is on-going, next level, and tailored to your marketing needs.

Check out the details here when you’re ready to get your MARKETING WORKING and BE that next level, most successful and empowered version of you!

Payment plans are available so you can get started from as little as £97!

I can’t make it any more accessible, powerful, valuable, or fairer, than that!