Did you know the ABOUT page on your website is often the second most visited page (after the home page). So being able to create a killer about page is business critical. It’s your brochure, your story, your chance to tell your potential customers what you’re all about. So don’t lose this golden opportunity to make a great impression and draw your readers in.

To make it super easy for you I’ve broken down the formula I use with my clients and students into 7 simple steps. A well worded paragraph for each section is all you need for a killer about page.

(and thanks to Stephanie in the Modern Marketing Club for inspiring me to post this by asking for help with this on #websitewednesday)

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7 Simple Steps To Create the Perfect About Page

  1. Always use a catchy headline  – think magazine or newspaper headlines, that address the needs or dreams of your ideal client
  2. Start with a question or a promise
  3. It’s important you fully and completely understand your ideal client avatar and their “hot buttons” so you can speak to them where they are and where they want to be
  4. Share your story. Don’t just rattle on about yourself though. Have you been through what they’re going through and come out the other side? Or helped someone to achieve what they’re trying to do?
  5. Make it clear who you are and how you help (remember WIIFM – what’s in it for me syndrome). I find this format helpful when writing copy “I help < target audience> to < thing they want> with/without <desired or feared thing > “
  6. Add connector copy and some social proof. Something along the lines of “Having worked with hundreds of clients……been featured in x magazine………..generated x amount of sales” etc. Here’s where you would talk about publications you’ve been featured in, client stories and case studies, awards won – this is your social proof and your credibility
  7. Call To Action/ Next Step – what do you want your reader to do next? Sign up for a 1-2-1 session, request a taster, download a freebie, watch a video or webinar? Make it clear what they should do next to take the next step with you.

And you’re done!

Keep it simple and to the point. One paragraph for each and you have the magic formula.