When you feel 💩, use that as an opportunity to create a shift 
One of the things about working with energy is knowing that we want to keep our energy as clean and clear as possible. Sometimes we need to create a shift for things to change. 
And being self aware enough to see times when we feel triggered (upset, hurt, angry, resentful) as an opportunity to clear energy or release old energetic patterns that aren’t serving us.
Like a burp that needs to come out it’s better out than in!
Stuck energy is negative and will stay in your body. Over time, like sludge building up in a pipe, it blocks your ability to receive and sabotages your vibe.
So let’s clear that 💩 and keep the energy clear and flowing so we can maintain our positive vibes. This isn’t to say we have to be bouncing with joy all the time but how we feel, and show up in the world, is a choice.
From a marketing perspective we want to clear any 💩 because clients pick up on negative vibes subconsciously through our communication.
These 💩 feelings are the underlying cause of the “monkey mind” and feed the ego which raises doubts, limiting beliefs and other blocks.
📌Firstly be self-aware
📌What thoughts and feelings are coming up?
📌Where do you notice them in your body?
📌What story are you telling yourself about these feelings?
Once you’re clear on the underlying feelings behind what’s triggered you (the root cause if you like), you can clear them.
Depending on how you feel, and whether this is a minor issue or a deep seated pattern that keeps recurring…you might want to try any or all of these clearing techniques (I use all of them as needed!)
💫RARE process (which I’ve learnt as part of the Energetic Breakthrough Method Certification®️ program) – a heavy duty process for clearing and reframing deep-held limiting beliefs
💫️EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping – a fast way to clear any blocks and experience rapid mindset shifts
💫 TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) – when emotional blocks are stuck in the body and causing physical pain
💫 Freewriting and journaling – let your subconscious and higher mind guide you [click here for my free guide on this]
💫 The Focus Wheel Method from Abraham Hicks – shift your thoughts and energy with a simple “feeling better” process [Message me if you’d like a copy of the session I ran on this]
💫 Last but not least, because this is SUPER POWERFUL, is the MAP Superconscious mind programming (From Colette Streicher and her MAP team). This is a guided process but worth checking out if you want to work on your own healing and growth.
As with all energy work, use your intuition and go with what works for you. I feel into what I (or my clients) need and use the technique(s) that feels like the best fit at the time.
How do you turn your 💩 into a shift?