Create an Aligned Marketing Plan for 2023

As you’ll know if you’ve been in my world for any length of time, I’m a big advocate of Marketing TO and WITH your natural strengths. By understanding your energetic blueprint you can work in a way that energises you, rather than drains you.

This will reduce the feelings of overwhelm, confusion and frustration which happen when we try to “push through” (use force) to make things happen, rather than work with our innate (natural) energy and talents.

Trying to make things happen also puts us in the BY ME state of consciousness, which isn’t sustainable because it can be very draining energetically. Instead we want to work in the FLOW STATE where we are co-piloting our lives with the Universe.

We see others sharing their secrets to success and it’s tempting to try and mirror their methods. But unfortunately, what works for them won’t necessarily work for you. Because their energy (like a fingerprint or star sign) is THEIR energy, and is different to yours.

Where does this leave you?

In control of your own destiny!

You just need the tools and confidence to find what works for you and follow your own path.

To help you get started I’m offering a limited time replay of my popular Create your Aligned Marketing Plan for 2023 Workshop that I ran recently. The first session introduced Energetics, Energetic Marketing and the principles of discovering and working with your natural Energy.

You can watch the REPLAY here.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

How to map out your MARKETING PLAN 🔥 + Align the ENERGY behind it 💫

In two powerful sessions* we’ll focus on how to ✨IGNITE YOUR SALES ✨by aligning your Marketing with your natural Energetic Blueprint. 

🚀A powerful blend of Marketing + Strategy + Energy to set you up for success in 2023

🚀Create a marketing plan that’s fully aligned for YOU, making you HIGHLY magnetic to your soulmate clients

🚀Get into FLOW with your Marketing and Unlock the potential in your business 

🚀Expand your energy so you Attract more Clients and Drive more Sales

Ongoing Support and Mentoring as you embody the next level in your business is available through my 1-2-1 coaching or Mastermind groups

*The full workshop was an all day event which ran over 2 sessions. Click here for the replay + accompanying workbook which includes the exercises covered in the workshop, plus additional resources, journal prompts and a bonus Energy Activation to anchor in your Intentions.