//Feeling demoralised by your Social Media results? //

If you’re marketing your socks off to grow your business this might resonate.

With the best will in the world you can sometimes miss the mark and struggle to communicate effectively.

I get it.

You get stuck in your own head (and it’s 10X worse if you work on your own)

I was talking to a client earlier who said:

“I’m demoralised ploughing on with posts and getting nothing from them”

And I get that too.

Totally soul destroying.

Meanwhile you’re staring at your appointments diary and seeing a lot of empty slots.

⚡️The solution? A few SMALL tweaks can make a BIG difference (like 40% more clients for one client recently).

⚡️To get Social Media working FOR you there are three things you need to get right:

1. Position yourself to attract your ideal clients

2. Grow an engaged audience – and meaningful connections

3. Turn fans into customers with compelling content – that’s in context (ie. post strategically) and converts (motivates your audience to take action)

It’s ONE of the reasons I attend events and invest in working with mentors – to shine a light on my blind spots (because they see what I can’t) 👀

And it’s one of the reasons you should join me in Hemel Hempstead or London soon to nail your client attraction strategy, and content, for the next 90 days and beyond.

⚡️A few tweaks could be all it takes to get booked up …so don’t feel demoralised by your Social Media. Let’s tackle this together.

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