“They” say digital marketing is constantly evolving and “they’re” right! You blink and visit your Facebook page and there’s a new gizmo to play with.

Facebook has been making some changes including one which will help to increase conversion on your page. It’s the new Facebook Call To Action button on the cover image (see below)

facebook call to action

If you haven’t set yours up yet it will look like this:



facebook call to action


How To Set Up Your Facebook Call To Action Button

Log in as your page and click on the Create Call To Action button.

facebook call to action

Choose the action you want your visitors to take and then fill in the blanks. For example, if you want people to “Contact Us” you’ll be prompted to enter your contact form (don’t forget the “http://”) , or for “Shop Now” you’ll add a link to your online store.

There are a couple more screens with options for mobile apps which I’d just say YES to (why wouldn’t you?) and then your Call To Action Button is live.

You can edit your button if you’re running a new promotion or change your cover image.

So, head over to your Facebook page and put your Call To Action to good use today.