Is the fear of showing up holding you back?
The fear is real! 😱
When you transition from employment to being self employed marketing isn’t about the business any more, it’s about YOU. 😱
πŸ’«It feels very personal (because it is!)
πŸ’«You feel vulnerable
πŸ’«Your doubts and insecurities start to surface
πŸ’«Your little voice goes crazy:
πŸ—£“who do you think you are?”
πŸ—£“who is going to buy from you?”
πŸ—£“are you even good enough?”
πŸ—£“look at all the amazing people out there – how can you compete with them?”
I know because I’ve been there πŸ’Ž
πŸ’«Clearing energy around the fears that hold you back is an ongoing process. Part of the journey.
πŸ’«But you’re an entrepreneur now so it’s big girls pants time! πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ
πŸ’«When you’re aligned with your journey, marketing yourself becomes fun
πŸ’«You learn to see the doubts and fears and triggers as learning opportunities
πŸ’«As you evolve you see the rewards ripple through your business, with more clients, more money, more recognition
Life is meant to be
and challenges are sent to stretch us and expand us.
Which can be hard as hell.
Being in alignment isn’t always easy but if we see the journey for what it is, the whole game changes πŸ’‘
If you’re not sure how to market yourself in your best light or wonder how to navigate the choppy waters of social media, ask me about a πŸ”₯Marketing Alignment SessionπŸ”₯. It’s a game changer.
I’ll support you as you clear the blocks to your next level of success.
Show you how to align your Energy + Strategy so you show up as the fully confident version of you, amazing leader of your business.
Don’t let fear stop you building the business of your dreams. πŸ’«Use it to fuel your vision, to empower and energise you. Would you like me to show you how? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Get in touch for a no-strings chat and let’s get you unstuck.
fear of showing up