winning social media formulaCASE STUDY – How Social Media Accelerator member Laurel Gregory found the winning social media formula.

She has now enjoyed an 1850% increase in connections, launched her sculpture business on Instagram, and is dominating the newsfeed. The twist is that she is a senior, who started out with ZERO knowledge or experience of Social Media and only started down this path to boost her SEO (search engine optimisation)!

Introducing Laurel Peterson Gregory ( 

Laurel joined the Social Media Accelerator having no experience online. She was looking for the winning social media formula. What Laurel had was a fiery determination to learn the tools and strategies to get Social Media working for her. It’s been a steep learning curve but one that is now paying off handsomely.

winning social media formulaThe Solution

When Laurel joined the Social Media Accelerator (my group mentoring program that takes you from “Who are you?” to “How can we work together?”)  she got stuck in straight away. But it wasn’t easy. Laurel wasn’t sure WHERE her potential clients where, HOW to find and connect with them or whether she should be on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

What I admire about Laurel is that she’s an action taker. Before she had everything figured out she threw herself into the Instagram challenge and learnt how to use Instagram.

Despite encouraging Laurel to focus on one thing (because coming new into Social Media in later life can be overwhelming!), she was determined to take part in the Instagram Stories challenge too. She soon realised she had a bit of a knack for sharing her beautiful bronzes. Not to mention tons of content that wasn’t being used.

winning social media formula

The Breakthrough

Laurel realised she could repurpose and reuse all of her content. From the hundreds of images and videos of her bronzes to her “behind the scenes” videos. She also used live streaming to share the bronze making process with her audience (because Laurel’s bronzes are an investment and this helped to overcome the objection of what some saw as a high price).

Spurred on with confidence in the Social Media Accelerator program, Laurel put together her first Facebook and Instagram ads. Learning how to create the creatives with Canva was a big learning curve in itself. But she persevered. And created some wonderful first ads. The ads needed some tweaking as there was too much copy and that was frustrating but also a learning point.

This was also a useful lesson in targeting. Because targeting “cat lovers” brought up people who love cats but aren’t necessarily in a position to invest. So we worked on targeting to find people who love animals AND like to invest in art.

winning social media formula

Key Learnings

  1. A key learning was about where Laurel’s potential clients are. Laurel conducted a survey on her existing contacts who said they were not using Social Media at all! But we knew her potential customers were there – so Laurel used two strategies from the Instagram Kick Starter program to find the right potential customers. Boom!
  2. The other strategy that’s working really well for Laurel is using stories and “behind the scenes”. For example, at recent art shows, connecting with other artists and customers, and documenting the many facets of preparing for and showing her work.

Outcomes (so far!) 

  • 1850% increase in connections
  • On track to double her Instagram followers and engagement
  • Clarity on her message, her audience, and how to get in front of them on Social Media
  • Marketing with confidence
  • Transformed her Social Media marketing

Next Steps

What would this level of confidence and clarity mean for your business? Would you like to shift into high gear and secure new clients, new income and make more impact?

That’s the beauty of the Social Media Accelerator. You’re supported in growing your business in the best way for you (no one-size fits all). As an experienced Digital Marketer and Mentor, I help you find the roadmap to profit for your business, so you can get results like these too. You’ll shortcut the frustrations and learning curve of trying to figure it all out by yourself and focus on getting results.

Check out the Social Media Accelerator or Get in touch if you’d like to chat about whether this is right for you.