// Here’s why you’re not attracting more clients //
From mentoring hundreds of women in business over the years (and some men!), I often hear how frustrated and fed up they are doing “all the things” but not getting enquiries from potential clients.
It’s usually down to one of two things:

ONE: If you’re not super clear on how to position yourself to attract your ideal clients you’ll just blend into the background on Social Media. (some clients describe this as “shouting into the void”)

Lack of Clarity on your positioning (positioning = Target audience, Offer, Message)

TWO: No strategy for creating content that grows your audience and turns followers into paying customers.

In short, if your content is too generic or salesy it won’t compel anyone to take action, let alone connect with you or convert into sales.

And what if you *think* you’re doing everything “right” or doing all the things but still not seeing the results?
Then you need a different approach!
(which can be as simple as a few strategic tweaks)
It’s *really* hard to look objectively at your own marketing (we have a kind of blindness when it comes to our stuff, because we are “inside the box”.)
Knowing what and how to tweak your content to get the clients and sales flooding in is where I come in.
I use a very simple 3 step process to
a) Position you for success online
b) Build an engaged audience
b) Turn followers into paying customers (without paying for ads or spending all day on Social Media).
We start with a review of what you’re currently doing and how many clients you want, and build the plan from there.
Message me if you could use some help attracting clients on Social Media, and for ongoing tips and tricks check out my Facebook community