Sharing something that is a super powerful tool and one I’ve been using a lot recently – both for myself and with clients.

Ho’Oponopono – the ancient Hawaiian forgiveness prayer.





So simple and yet so powerful. Why?

Because by forgiving someone who has hurt or wronged you (even though you don’t agree with what they’ve done or condone their behaviour in any way) gives you back your power.

EXAMPLE: Think about the bullies in the school playground who called you names.

You have two choices with bullies.

  • 1. Feel hurt and upset by their name calling and feel bad about yourself
  • 2. Realise that you can choose not to take their comments on board

(There are other options, such as standing up to them, playing them at their own game or getting your big brother to “deal” with them but I’m focusing on self-empowerment here!)

With (1) you are giving them the power. On some subconscious level you are allowing them to hurt you. They get their kicks from belittling you and your upset is gratifying for them. 

With (2) you have the power and are more resilient.You might respond with “sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you” (remember that from the school playground?). They get less satisfaction from trying to hurt you because it’s not having the desired effect, and will probably go and pick on someone “weaker”.

How this works in energetic terms:

In energetic terms, we talk about the 4 levels of consciousness (that’s for another post!) 

The lowest frequency or level of consciousness is “To me” which is victim consciousness. When you allow people or circumstances to hurt you, you are operating at this lowest frequency. 

However, in a higher level of consciousness e.g. “Through me”, which is the flow state, you can see these slights or intended hurts for what they are. They won’t have the same emotional charge, or ability to hurt you. At that level of higher consciousness you are more resilient and can respond accordingly. 

So what the Ho’Oponopono does is to help us remove the emotional charge from a situation AND raise our vibration to a higher level of consciousness. Think of it like spiritual armour or a superwoman cape! 

What’s interesting is that as you raise your level of consciousness people respond to you differently. 

Emotionally charged situations with loved ones, family or difficult work colleagues melt away. You find a new sense of calm and balance. By taking responsibility for your part in the situation (even if you have not caused it or consciously attracted it) you can diffuse it. 

Ho’Oponopono means “to restore balance” in Hawaiian and that is, in effect, what you’re doing. 

HOW Ho’Oponopono works 

So, here’s to use this powerful practice 

> Picture the person (or situation you want to diffuse) in front of you

> Repeat the Ho’Oponopono over and over until you feel things shift

> Simply repeat these words out loud: 

“I Love You

I’m Sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you”

How long should you chant the prayer for? 

It depends on how deep and long running the situation is. If this is a highly emotionally charged situation with someone you love, or a family member, it might take longer and need more than one session. Go with what feels right. 

Some people feel emotions coming up. You might want to cry (and that’s OK), or you might feel lighter, freer, a sense of relief, or more empowered

If you’ve never used this practice before it might take longer the first time. But try it, trust it and see how it can literally change things in just a few minutes

I recommend saying the Ho’Oponopono out loud but if that’s not possible say it inside your head 


  1. An added bonus of Ho’Oponopono is something that a client mentioned had really helped her this week. You can use it to forgive yourself. 

Maybe you have allowed a situation to affect you, hurt someone you love, or are finding it hard to accept that as a parent you are flawed and human! Send love and forgiveness to yourself. 

2. You can forgive Covid and Brexit for ruining your plans, or making business harder. Forgive the authorities, politicians, Social Media trolls, noisy neighbours, thoughtless children, that idiot that cut you up on the road this morning, anyone really. 

3. Somebody mentioned on my Facebook profile they were using this to relieve stress and anxiety during lockdown. This lady was doing 45 minutes a day and feeling a lot of relief from it. 

You can use Ho’Oponopono to forgive anything or anyone. So take back your power and rise above negativity! 

Let me know in my group if you use this yourself, and how you use it. If you haven’t come across it before, give it a go and let me know how it helps.