This is for my female entrepreneur contacts who are frustrated because they’re doing all the things to market their business, but not getting the results. Working hard, trying different strategies, putting the hours in, following all the advice. But still not getting the clients or money. 🥹
It’s frustrating! And I totally get it. 🥹
What I’ve learned from overcoming this, is that there are a couple of things going on:
✅Your strategy isn’t right.
Even the most experienced marketers don’t always get it right, and there may be some part of your strategy that isn’t aligned with your ultimate goal. Sometimes it’s an easy fix, sometimes not, but you can’t see what you can’t see, right? 🫣
✅You’re OUT OF ALIGNMENT energetically.
How do you know? Because a) you aren’t getting the results, and b) you don’t feel happy, empowered, energised. You might have lost your mojo, or feel frustrated or stuck. 🥹
You are trying to DO what it takes, but at some level (often deeply subconsciously), it’s the BEING part that’s not aligned. No whizzy dizzy marketing strategy can compensate for that. 🫣
✨To understand this my go to tool is HUMAN DESIGN. ✨
Human Design is the PERFECT COMPLIMENT to energy work. Because Human Design gives you your Energetic Blueprint (like your star sign or fingerprint, it’s unique to you).
Understanding your innate strengths and weaknesses, your energetic “personality”, your natural way of showing up, and communicating in the world is so empowering.
As many of my past clients have said, Human Design gives you permission to be yourself. 😍
For me, as a 2/4 Manifesting Generator, I needed to ignore the advice from some coaches to sell my services in a particular way (the way that worked for them). Because that didn’t suit my energetic personality, and so it jarred. And that funky energy came through in my marketing.
Human Design helped me to redesign programs into a format that worked for me, as well as my clients. So my energy was clearer and cleaner ✨, and more magnetic. 🧲
For example, realising that my 2/4 profile means I need time alone (2 = hermit) but also to socialise (4 = opportunist) explained why I would see-saw from extrovert to introvert mode. Once I understood this I restructured my business around my energy, so I was working WITH it, rather than pushing against it. 🪄
When I relaunched the Aligned Marketing Academy, my energy was so squeaky clean around it, I easily signed up 10 new members, and it was fun and effortless. 🥳
I KNEW it was going to be successful because I was so aligned with it (whereas in the past, launching had always filled me with self-doubt and sent me into chronic overthinking).
With Human Design informing my Energetic Alignment, and the right Marketing Strategies, things just flowed so easily. 💥
Not only did I relaunch the Aligned Marketing Academy, I launched another program too, and sold some smaller offers but my clients (who previously had been very quiet) were now quick to come forward and want to work with me. 🏃‍♀️
By working with my Energy (in my daily practices), and adjusting my Strategies according to my Human Design, things started to FLOW again. Once I started working in FLOW, the money and clients started FLOWING too. 🔥
Which means I’m making more money, working less hours, having more fun, and the overthinking, stress, doubt and frustration has melted away. 🥳
The SoulFire Client Attraction Academy teaches you a simple 6-step PROCESS for finding the best Strategies for you, Aligning your Energy with your desires, and working with your Human Design.
As I’ve evolved and grown, the SoulFire Client Attraction Academy has been upgraded too, and my clients are getting amazing results, such as 16 new clients AND a high ticket sale, in one month! 🥳😍
>> If you’d like details, or want to chat about the best way forward for you, get in touch🙂