How to avoid feeling overwhelmed with your Marketing
When you’re working on your marketing, it’s easy to get stuck in your head and get into overwhelm, self-doubt (hello, perfect Instagram feeds anyone?) and grind to a halt. You see all the things you “could” be doing, and start spinning in circles wondering what to do, and second guessing yourself.
the 4 stages of consciousnessThis is typical of many entrepreneurs, and is a classic sign of being stuck in BY ME (hustle mode) mentality. For a description of the 4 stages of consciousness click here
By me mode is great for making things happen, BUT, it’s a draining energy of DOING, DOING, DOING. Stay here too long and you’ll get burnt out.
By Me energy is all about being in your head, which is why your human brain goes into meltdown.
📌You start overthinking.
📌Looking at all the options for marketing your business.
📌All those decisions to make, and things to write, record and create.
📌You can 10X this if you’re solely responsible for your marketing.
What’s the answer? 🤔
The answer is not to rely solely on your human brain. 🫣Pardon!? Because…
📌You have limits to what you think you can do (based on past experience).
📌You only have a certain amount of energy every day.
📌You are working with deeply ingrained filters and misconceptions.
Remember that we humans are more than just the physical body and mind. We are also energetic beings, part of a higher intelligence, known as the Universe, Quantum field, or Collective Consciousness 💫
When you feel stuck, you become disconnected from the ability to tap into that higher intelligence. You can’t access your higher self, and the limitless creativity and potential of Universal Guidance. 💫
Your energy gets constricted, and feels heavy and stuck. 😵‍💫
how to avoid feeling overwhelmed with your marketingAs Albert Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it. 🥸
So, the answer is to get out of your head and work from the heart.
💙To work in the flow state (Through me Consciousness)
💙To tune into your soul, work with your energy, and be guided from a higher perspective.
💙To trust that there is a path leading you where you want to go.
💙That you don’t need to know all the HOWs to start taking steps in the right direction.
So, whether you’re looking to bring in more clients, or launch a new program, the first step is always to work on your energy. Doing the inner work is what will reap the rewards. 😍💰💎
Your business is a mirror of you. You get to choose whether you take the easy, aligned (in flow) option, or keep trying to push through (hustle).
If you could use my help making your marketing (and life) easier, get in touch. It’s taken me years of experience, personally and supporting clients, to deeply understand and embody this. My mission to help others find an easier way🔥🔥🔥
How to avoid feeling overwhelmed with your Marketing