How to Breakthrough when you Feel Stuck in your Business

My business growth was on hold for MONTHS because I’d changed membership platforms and struggled to get the new platform working as I wanted. 

Where, in the past, I could get landing pages and a quick sales funnel up and ready in a couple of hours, I was hitting my head against a brick wall (or so it felt!)

I consider myself quite tech savvy so it was REALLY FRUSTRATING. I just couldn’t get things to work how I wanted them to – and it was wasting so much time. 

In the end, I bit the bullet and went back to my old faithful platform. Enquiries and sales started flowing in again. 

So why did I allow the tech to keep me stuck, and my business stagnant, for so long? 

I remember the same thing happening when I was having my new branding and website developed. Trying to define my niche was a mind bender like nothing I could have imagined. 

How to Breakthrough when you Feel Stuck in your Business?

The answer is to go within. 

Feeling stuck in your business is a symptom of messy energy. 

When your energy is “messy” you don’t have the clarity you need to make decisions. To move forward, to find creative solutions. 

You get stuck in your head, trying to figure things out. 

Old patterns and limiting beliefs emerge because your nervous system is stressed, and you don’t feel safe, or trust yourself to make a decision. 

When you feel stuck, you’re actually on the brink of a breakthrough. But at a subconscious level this feels scary. Which triggers your lower energies (the shadow archetypes of the victim, saboteur, wounded inner child etc.)  who start to run the show in order to “protect” you. And those energies cause chaos!

Now you’re out of alignment, and struggling to find creative solutions and make decisions. Because when you’re operating in the lower energies, you’re disconnected from the higher energies of creativity and intuition. 

It becomes a vicious cycle. A downward spiral. 

Until you clean up your energy, you will stay stuck. Which is incredibly hard to do on your own, because you are reacting to how you feel, not knowing how to move forward. 

I invite you to reach out if you are feeling stuck, and would like my help to clear the blocks so you can move forward with confidence. 

You know consistent income and working smarter, not harder, isn’t about another strategy, or pushing through, it’s about you. You just don’t know where to start. 

Here’s how I work with clients: 

  1. Firstly we start with the INNER (ENERGY) WORK. We look at where you’re in and out of alignment – with your soul purpose, your soulmate clients, your energetic blueprint (I use energy work and Human Design for this step). You will learn how to WORK WITH YOUR EMOTIONS, and clear your energy around what you want. 
  2. Next we identify and release any LIMITING BELIEFS that are keeping you stuck and get you back into ALIGNMENT with your true self and your purpose. By RECONNECTING with your true self, you can access the guidance, creativity and answers you need to move forward. 
  3. Only then do we look at your STRATEGY. For your business growth, your desired income, your messaging, your client attraction. We create a personalised plan that lights you up, and you feel confident and excited to share with the world. 

Throughout this process you are deeply supported and guided towards the best outcome for you, using a range of energy practices and tools

I GUARANTEE you will get exactly what you need (and more) to grow personally and professionally, and to get the clients, income and impact you so crave, and deserve.

I have space for 2 private clients. Message me for details.

Here’s what some of my previous clients have said:

“The work that we did together was very special. It’s difficult to articulate it, but suffice to say my business has shifted to the next level of growth because of it. Frances Day”

I now feel ready to move forward with more clarity and confidence than I have felt in a long time. She makes everything make sense in the most supportive way. You find the answers because the answers are within us all, Cassie just helps us to listen”.

“Exploring the combination of energy work and marketing intuition within Cassie’s mastermind has been transformational! Allowing me to attract 5 new clients to my inaugural Style Success Programme with ease and presenting an exciting opportunity to work with my ideal clients. You never know what magic will happen when you get into flow…!” 

“It feels like everything I touch at the moment is aligned. I’ve signed up 2 new clients PLUS started delivering a live in my FB group and for the first time ever got a client from that work. There was something in our zoom session that really resonated with me. Thank you so much. Brilliant work!  Frances Day”

How to Breakthrough when you Feel Stuck in your Business