On our Social Media Accelerator call today we’re talking about MESSAGE and BRAND STORY. I call it your “Magical Marketing Message” – you might call it your brand message. It’s what you’re going to share in your brand story.

brand messageIt’s how you POSITION yourself in a crowded marketplace so you stand out and attract your ideal clients.

It’s how you CONNECT with your audience by how you make them FEEL.

🚀We’re going to be going through a really powerful exercise in the Social Media Accelerator program which I thought you might find useful too…here it is –

Look at your last 20 posts, stories, sales materials, newsletters, etc

➡️ What is your core “big picture” brand message?

➡️Are you being strategic and consistent with your message?

➡️ Does your brand story position you as the Go To expert in your field?

brand messageThis is so important if you’re posting on Social Media or using stories (which are a fantastic way to share your brand story with a wider audience btw!) and if even more so if you’re a PERSONAL BRAND.

Hope that’s inspired some 💡moments!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas and AHA’s

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