How to Embody Human Design in your Business

How to Embody Human Design in your BusinessBeing a 2/4 Manifesting Generator is an interesting dichotomy!


Until I understood my Human Design, deciding which strategies worked for me was so confusing.


Throw in the fact that I tried to follow strategies my coaches were teaching (which suited their energy, but not necessarily mine) and it was confusing and frustrating at times.


While the 4 profile line is social (the “opportunist”) who loves being out and about, the 2 profile (the “hermit”) needs alone time.


Spending too much time in one or the other completely drained my energy. I thought the problem was me. I couldn’t seem to stick with anything (hello, mani gen trait), and I would swing between mrs extrovert “social butterfly” and mrs introvert “hermit”.


It was inconsistent (marketing wise), and exhausting. I knew I was out of alignment but I didn’t know why, or what to do instead.


What I know now, is that as a 2/4 mani gen, the ideal way to show up in my business is with a balance of both.


How to Embody Human Design in your BusinessUnderstanding Human Design, I now know that being in hermit 2 mode is great for recharging the batteries, and thinking through ideas; but too much alone time can lead to overthinking. Which leads to self-doubt, procrastination, indecision and spinning your wheels.


Giving myself permission to work in a way that suits my energy is so liberating and empowering. Most of my previous Aligned Marketing clients have said the same too.


This plays out in the programs I create. Creating shorter, fixed period programs means I can be in my full 4 energy while I’m delivering the program, knowing that I can hermit before and after.


It’s soothing for the nervous system to know you have allocated hermit time. And it means I can be 100% present and in full energy in my programs because I’m in my full 4 power.

Understanding Human Design, and learning how to embody it in the way I create and run programs, and show up with my Marketing has been a game changer.

Do you know your Human Design profile, and how to embody it in your business?

This is just ONE of the key foundation pillars of a successful and sustainable business.

APPLYING what you learn from your Human Design to your Marketing and Business is CRITICAL to your success.

Understanding yourself, your energy, and how you tick, BEFORE you jump into the Client Attraction strategies is a massive shortcut to success.

And now you know How to Embody Human Design in your Business, what are you going to do differently?

If you could use my help figuring this out, I work with clients 1-2-1 and in my signature  SoulFire Client Attraction Academy.