We’ve been talking a lot about hashtags this week, as we’re using a hashtag strategy to build our following and increase engagement in the Instagram Kick Starter program.


  • Using hashtags you can reach potential clients outside of your existing connections
  • Join conversations on topics of shared interest
  • Ride on the wave of trending topics, such as special events (#wimbledon2019, #theopen), conferences and Theme Days (#throwbackthursday, #fridayfunny, #sundaymorning, #sbt)
  • Hashtags are also a very powerful SEARCH tool and one that we are using as the key connection and engagement strategy in the Instagram Kick Starter.

Where to use Hashtags? 

Instagram, Twitter and increasingly LinkedIn, use hashtags to create common threads and search topics.

For hashtag basics, see this article I wrote in a previous post “Using hashtags to extend your reach on Social Media)”

Hashtag Tips

On Instagram you can have up to 30 hashtags on a feed post, and 10 on your stories and since this is such a great way for new prospects to find you, it’s worth using your hashtag quota.

But…don’t use the same hashtags over and over. That can make you seem like a spammer (to the Instagram algorithm)

Create different sets of hashtags and rotate them.

Also don’t forget to use a mixture of hashtags, from broad, to niche and more specific, to local and themed hashtags too.

How to find trending hashtags on Instagram

To find trending hashtags use the DISCOVERY tool (see screenshot) – the discovery tool looks like a magnifying glass and either:

A. Start typing your search term (top hashtags will come up as part of the search results)


B. Go to the TAGS tab and see the top / trending hashtags there.

How to Find Trending Hashtags on Instagram

Want to learn how to use a simple but powerful hashtag strategy to grow your following on Instagram? That’s just one of the things we cover in the Instagram Kick Starter – a 5 day interactive experience which teaches key strategies for increasing your followers, engagement and sales using Instagram and Instagram Stories.