How to generate a consistent income
🪄How would it feel to generate a consistent income that feels easy and natural, so you can relax and not work so hard?🪄💫✨
Something I aspired to for a long time (years, in fact!)
I remember it clearly. ⚡️
That feeling of constantly having to work.
The low point was my sons saying “Mum, your business is more important than we are. You’re always working”
Some years I even worked Christmas Day (once the kids were in bed) – which was partly to avoid the ex – but also that nagging fear that if I stopped, everything I’d worked for would disappear.
I pushed the fear down so I didn’t have to face up to it.
I avoided it by numbing with overwork. Numbing with wine. Numbing by being too busy and not being willing to face my fears.
I was terrified my clients would leave, my Social Media would dry up and I’d be left penniless, with a failed business.
Life is so different now ✨
I don’t feel the need to “numb” by drinking too much or keeping myself constantly busy. 💫
I feel alive, energised, fulfilled. ✨
But I also feel relaxed, knowing the clients and income will keep coming, regardless of whether I post every day or do anything clever on Social Media. 💫
Two new clients showed up recently while I was sick, mired in some tedious accounting issues, and busy on a course.
⚡️So what changed? ⚡️
Without sounding like a cliche, I did! 💫
⚡️It’s been an awakening. A journey. ⚡️
That we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience.
That we’re here on “earth school” to learn and grow. 🪄
It’s taken a good few years for me. Because I was stuck in my ways.
Not wanting to face up to my fears. 🫣
Not wanting to face those painful, hidden, parts of myself. 🫣
Not knowing how to deal with my emotions, ignoring my inner child, who had run the show for most of my life. 🫣
But knowing that I wanted more. To carve my own path, not follow convention and tradition. To be my own boss. To be a leader, to live life on my terms. 👑
⚡️EVERYTHING SHIFTED ⚡️when I started focusing on the INNER WORK. When I faced my fears, cleared the energy blocks and raised my consciousness. 👑<3
I started receiving money, love, unexpected gifts, and new opportunities, from unexpected people and places 👑🪄
When I look at my life now I almost don’t recognise myself. I’m so much happier, wealthier, more relaxed, more fulfilled. ❤
🪄I want the same for you! 🪄
If you’re ready to uplevel your life, your energy, your business, here’s how I work with clients in my Energy Alignment Coaching:
[1] 🔥Firstly we start with the ✨INNER (ENERGY) WORK✨. We look at all areas of your life and where you’re in and out of flow. Where you are in or out of alignment with your soul purpose, your soulmate clients, your natural energetic blueprint (Human Design is a key part of this step).
[2] 🔥Next we clear, heal and ✨release any LIMITING BELIEFS✨ that are keeping you stuck and get ✨CLARITY✨ on your goals and purpose.
We look at where your energy is in the masculine and feminine, and how to bring them into harmony with each other. We go on shamanic journeys for deep healing, and we work with your subconscious to get the answers you’re seeking.
[3] 🔥Only then do we look at your ✨STRATEGY✨. For your business growth, your desired income, your marketing, your messaging, your client attraction. To achieve your big juicy goals.
✨We create a plan that’s aligned for you, tailored for you, that lights you up, and you feel not just confident, but excited, to share with the world. ✨
If you’re ready, hit me up. I have 2 coaching slots available. Let’s do this! 🔥🔥🔥