So you want to get Facebook Famous? 

ūüôĄ You’re busy so if you want the quick guide you can grab the handy checklist¬†and skip the rest!

A wise man once said – there are two aspects to success online. There is content (the information you share) and context (your credibility, influence and impact in your niche). Think of it as a see saw. The more context (credibility) you have the less work you need to do to attract clients.

Imagine if Richard Branson or Elon Musk put out an offer to work with them, they’d have people queuing around the block, willing to pay hundreds of thousands, within minutes.

Imagine the same scenario with Joe Bloggs, who no-one’s heard of. Result = crickets! Because Joe Bloggs has no credibility, authority or social proof (yet).

The moral of the story? 

Before you can effortlessly attract clients on Facebook you have to establish yourself, create the right context and “earn the right” to promote what you do.

Which means building know, like and trust.

Developing social proof (people always want what other people are craving. Just think of the Black Friday sales or when the new Apple mac comes out)

Having worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners I’ve identified five steps for getting famous on Facebook. My mission is to simplify and demystify Social Media for business, and finding 10K clients on Facebook is no different.

Why would you want to be Facebook famous?

Facebook is the big giant of social media platforms with over two billion monthly users, and that’s in spite of the recent data scandal and teenagers migrating to other platforms. Whatever your market is, whatever niche you’re in, whatever you sell, the chances are your customers are on Facebook.

Facebook users are active, with users typically logging in eight to 12 times a day. So when you’re marketing on Facebook you’ve got a constant flow of potential customers.

What does it mean to be Facebook Famous?

When you’re Facebook famous you’re seen as an expert in your niche.

People know what you do, what you stand for and how you can help their business.

You effortlessly attract new clients.

Opportunities present themselves.

You drive traffic to your website, your blog, your promotions and events.

It becomes easy to market your business.

Have you heard about the Facebook Algorithm? 

But you have to be savvy.

Back in the day you could post on your page and know that most of your fans would see it.

Now there’s so much content on Facebook that organic “reach” (the number of people who see your posts) is at at all time low. Click here¬†for training on the recent Facebook newsfeed changes.

Facebook uses an algorithm to determine which posts are shown to which people, and how often.

When you post on Facebook less than three percent of your fans and followers will see what you post because of this algorithm.

The algorithm is a closely guarded secret but we know it’s based on freshness of content, relevancy, and social proof, which means the more people that engage with your content, the more people will see it.

The Viral Nature of Facebook

The trick is to share content that people find engaging, educational, enlightening. Content that makes THEM look great in front of their community so they’ll want to share it.

That’s the viral nature of Social Media.

So let’s look at the process of becoming Facebook famous so you can grow your business. Remember, if you want the cliff notes, you can download the Get Facebook Famous checklist

Let’s jump into the five steps:

Five steps to get Facebook Famous

#1 is (as Stephen Covey would say) to start with the end in mind. That is, to have a 100% crystal clear strategy before you jump in and start posting and sharing on Facebook.

Click Here if you need help creating a 10K Social Media Strategy

Having the right Social Media Strategy¬†is critical because you don’t want to be shooting in the dark, *hoping* something will work.

And don’t forget that Social media is not the be all and end all. It’s one piece of a bigger puzzle. If you want to find clients on Facebook you need to be clear on who you’re targeting, and make sure you put the right offer in front of them, with the right message, at the right time.

To get you started I’ve put together a Get Facebook Famous checklist you can use to make sure you’re making the most of Facebook, and get more clients quickly.¬†¬†

And what if someone’s a potential customer but not ready to buy *yet*?

You need a system to capture their details so you can nurture them and put your offer in front of them when the time’s right.

As another wise man says “Give in public, sell in private” (thank you Taki Moore!)

Which means don’t sell on Social Media.

Use Social Media to start and build relationships and get your brand noticed.

It’s not enough to just stick a few posts on Facebook and expect a flood of sales.

In my Social Media Accelerator program we build a simple marketing system around your Social Media, using 3 key principles [Attract, Convert, Scale].

Social Media is ideal for the “Attract” step. But to turn your followers into customers you need a system to “convert” them into paying customers.

This is where your content strategy comes in.

We want to provide value and to educate, entertain or enlighten as the first step in the process of building know, like and trust.

#2 Build the Need. It’s important to highlight the problem you’re solving and let your audience know that you understand where they’re coming from. Show them why they’re struggling and that there is a solution.

This is all about positioning yourself in the right way. Make sure you’re thinking about what your clients want, not what you offer (they might need what you offer but it might not be what they want). So make sure you optimise your Facebook page so that you make the most of it. Here’s a handy checklist to help you use your Facebook page most effectively.

Customise your Facebook Page

Did you know there are different templates for your Facebook page?

Here’s an article and a short video showing you how to customise your Facebook page.

Pro Tip: You can go one step further and customise your tabs.

  • Get people to opt in to your mailing list, sign up for a session or book in for a call with you. All without leaving Facebook.
  • You can add a link to Google Maps so clients can find you easily.
  • Ask for reviews.
  • Link to your YouTube channel or Facebook videos
  • Promote your events.
  • Have a play with the custom tabs [HERE’s HOW – LINK] and turn your Facebook page from a static shop front into an interactive sales tool for your business.

Pro Tip – Did you know you can use your Facebook cover to generate leads?

#3 Share compelling content. Now before you roll your eyes this doesn’t mean you have to write war and peace or become a full time blogger. Although it is a good idea to create regular content – including a blog – but it can take different forms.

  • You could consider podcasting (Facebook has recently announced a new podcasting audio platform through pages).
  • Using Facebook Live to create video content.
  • Sharing stories (think Snapchat)

15 Ways to start the conversationIf you’re stuck for what to share here’s 15 ways to start the conversation

  • You can also share other people’s content.
  • Follow the news sites and popular viral sites. Look for content that’s popular and lots of people are talking about.
  • Keep an eye on trending topics and the hot new items of the day and see if you can piggyback on the stories, or if there’s an angle you can apply to your business.

Sharing content is the way to show people what you do. You show people you can solve that problem when you put your own personality onto what you’re doing.

There’s no shortage of content but actually sharing content that’s authentic and real to you in your own voice is really really powerful.

#4 Master Facebook

So number four in our five steps to getting Facebook Famous is to master Facebook. What I mean by *mastering* Facebook is getting confident on the platform and comfortable navigating your way around, and using the features. The nuts and bolts.

If you need help mastering Facebook for business check out my Facebook Mastery program.

  • You’ll understand how to share posts, post as your page, run a Facebook Live.
  • Increase reach and engagement
  • How best to spend time in Facebook groups, on your page
  • How to find your competitors’ most popular posts (yes you can totally hack their best posts!).

Here’s a handy¬†checklist of things to do on your Facebook page¬†

To Schedule or not to schedule? 

It’s all very well creating content. But it won’t work if you just queue all your content one of the scheduling tools and blast it out. That might have worked at one time but not any more. Facebook is a busy place and you have to work a little bit harder if you want to be Facebook Famous. I promise you it’s worth it because you will reap the rewards. But you do have to take the time to talk to people (how old school!).

Pro Tip – ALWAYS use the Facebook scheduler to schedule your Facebook posts (not one of the scheduling tools). You’ll get penalised in the algorithm if you do.

How to engage on Facebook

Think about Facebook as a series of parties and you can join any party, for example in a Facebook group.

Treat Facebook networking just like you would any networking. You wouldn’t walk into a networking group and start handing out cards and saying “buy my stuff”. So don’t do it on Facebook (yes, people do this all the time!)

Take the time to get to know people, connect with them and have conversations. That’s when you’ll see the power of Facebook.

That’s when people starting tagging and referring and recommending you.

#5 Expand your audience on Facebook 

One of the best ways to expand your audience is to use paid ads and automate your marketing. You can also do this using Facebook Live streaming. 

Here’s my Facebook Live Guide to get you started

You might not necessarily have a lot of people on your FB live while you’re broadcasting but that’s okay because a large percent of your audience and traffic happens afterwards.

Click here to see some examples of FB Live and how you can use it to reach thousands of people for free

Facebook loves Facebook Live (it’s competing with YouTube to be the world’s largest broadcasting platform) so it gets priority in the newsfeed.

I’ve picked up a lot of new followers and subscribers using Facebook Live and highly recommend it.

As you probably know, Facebook is constantly changing. I was fortunate to be invited by Facebook to attend their Facebook Gather event in Brussels recently where 350 Facebook marketers from across Europe came together to discuss the future of Facebook and Instagram marketing. Watch this free training for the absolute LATEST and how to use Facebook effectively today.


Your Facebook Lives are saved onto your page as a video.

  • You can then embed the video on your website.
  • Transcribe it into a blog post or tips for Social Media
  • Upload it to YouTube
  • Share it on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ as well.

So from spending 15-20 minutes on Facebook Live you’ve now got multiple pieces of content.

Pro Tip: Facebook Live is a fantastic way to reach a much wider audience, outside of your connections.


Another way to scale up your marketing on Facebook is using paid ads. Which is a whole separate topic!

Check out this Facebook ads primer

RECAP РHow to get Facebook Famous and find 10K clients on Facebook. 

So let’s recap.

  1. Nail down your strategy.
  2. Build the need
  3. Share compelling content
  4. Master the nuts and bolts of Facebook
  5. Supercharge your Facebook marketing

For a 1-page summary of how to get the best from your Facebook page grab your Get Facebook Famous Checklist here