If you’re in business you need an online presence and knowing how to get found online is the first step. Period.

But, this isn’t Field Of Dreams, and the “build it and they will come” philosophy doesn’t work online. Creating a website or social media profile for your business is a great starting point but how do you ensure your message is consistent, your emailing marketing gels with your blogging and your social media optimises your sites for the search engines?

The answer is to have a simple plan, a digital marketing strategy for your business.

A digital marketing strategy combines your channels (your website, social media profiles, email marketing, blog) with your message (who you’re talking to, how you speak to them, how often, your calls to action) to ensure you get the best bang for your marketing buck.

I call this Modern Marketing! It’s good old fashioned customer-centric marketing combined with cutting-edge online strategies. It’s the way you blend all the different strands of your marketing together to form a cohesive marketing strategy for your unique business.

Creating a digital marketing strategy helps you pinpoint the 20% of activities that will generate 80% of your results.  It keeps you focused and motivated because you can ignore the noise in your inbox and focus on the strategies that work for you and your business. No more shiny object syndrome!

Your strategy will be tailored to meet your business goals, reflect your unique marketing personality, and connect you with potential clients.

If you want to chat about creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for your business, get in touch