Did you know that less than 3% of your Facebook business page posts will be seen by your fans? But you want to Get Your Facebook Posts Seen By More People? Read on!

You may already be aware of the algorithm on Facebook that determines who sees which posts. And how many people your post reaches. As you can imagine there are thousands of posts being published every minute and Facebook has to decide which ones get the most “airtime”.

Like Google’s rankings the algorithm is a big hairy secret but there are some tried and tested ways to get better reach.

Three of the big ones are frequency, relevance and engagement and we’ll focus on the latter in this post.

How To Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Business Page? 

The hierarchy of engagement with posts goes like this (from lesser to higher engagement):

Status update (text) –> Image –> Video –> FB Live Stream

So, the more “live” and interactive you are with your audience, the more engagement you’ll get, and the more people will see your posts. See the screenshot on the right to see the impact of video.

The video in this example (taken from Facebook Insights) reached 1,200 people and had engagement 3-5-10x more than any other post on the page.

And remember that when people interact with your posts their friends see that interaction and you start to create ripples, which create momentum, which create more interest, and on it goes!

Get Your Facebook Posts Seen By More People

So what’s the #1 secret to get your Facebook posts seen by more people? 

It’s to interact with your audience, preferably showing your face either with video or Facebook Live

Read my blog post here on: “Why Facebook Videos should be part of your Marketing Strategy”

TOP TIP: If you’re posting video make sure it’s NATIVE video (if you’re not sure what that means or how to post native videos on Facebook see my post HERE in the Modern Marketing Club)

And if the thought of live streaming or appearing on video leaves you in a cold sweat you can use the next best thing. Something like foolproof video creator Animoto (read my blog post on how to use Animoto here)

So how will you engage your audience? Have you tried videos or live streaming yet? I’d love to see some of your videos – come and post them in the Modern Marketing Club if you’d like some feedback