How to Write Content That Lands you High Ticket Clients

Things have been buzzing in the SoulFire Client Attraction Academy, with clients getting clarity on their next steps, experiencing breakthroughs in their marketing, and signing up new clients.

One lady signed up a high ticket client yesterday, just by tweaking her copy. I thought it would be useful to share some of the tips, so you can see how tweaking your content and messaging, can have a huge impact on your results.

One of the bonuses of being part of The SoulFire Client Attraction Academy is the opportunity to get your offers, posts and messaging reviewed. It’s something I love doing, and the feedback helps everyone because I use an intuitive process of asking questions to dig below the surface level and unearth the golden nuggets.

Here are a few tips on How to Write Content That Lands you High Ticket Clients, from the review that led to said high ticket client (the first of many!)

  • Get into the FLOW STATE, BEFORE you create any content. The ENERGY behind your posts speaks volumes louder than the words.
  • Speak to your soulmate client’s WANTS (rather than your process, methodology or what you think they need)
  • Focus on the FEELS of where they are and where they want to be
  • Get SPECIFIC on stories and scenarios, so your content and offers are RELATABLE
  • Show clients that you ACTUALLY GENERATE RESULTS (Show, don’t tell!)
  • Paint the picture of what is on the other side of the bridge, be ASPIRATIONAL
  • Use your clients’ LANGUAGE
  • Follow this advice and you’ll stand out way above the other samey old noise on Social Media.

soulfire client attractionIf you’d like to be my next case study, check out the SoulFire Client Attraction Academy.

Even the process of signing up will boost your energy – and marketing – because you’ll align with the energy of the group.

The SoulFire Academy is not a one time and done program. It includes 12 months of coaching support as well as two 6-week live rounds per year, and a growing library with all the training and strategies you need. Not to mention the fabulous, high energy, private Facebook community, and some juicy bonuses!