Following a desperate plea from one of my clients recently I put together a list of some quick ways to generate some additional “instant income”. What’s interesting is that, in the same week, there was a discussion in one of the Facebook groups I belong to about how to help people who are struggling financially. The discussion was that, rather than offering strategies, it’s more empowering to help people change their Money Mindset.
btw, I find it’s the same with marketing. I can teach any number of social media strategies but where I see the best results is when I’ve given someone the confidence in their own abilities, and opened their eyes to the potential of marketing. It comes back to mindset, confidence, and belief.
So, please….do not skip #1 and go straight for the strategies. Get #1 right first and then you can use any of the strategies to bring in some extra income quickly.
#1 [DO NOT SKIP THIS ONE!] Make a firm decision that you are going to generate more income this week/month. Decide exactly what that is going to look like (1 client?, 5 discovery sesssions?, 1 x personal training client?) and make a commitment to make it work. Make the decision and align everything you do, say and think to back it up. Focus on the inner game rather than the strategy. One of my favourite tricks is, instead of worrying about something (e.g. how to pay for your next coaching session), say to yourself “wouldn’t it be nice if……..xx” or “how can I …….?”, then listen to your inner business expert and take inspired action (you will soon have lots of ideas popping into your head!). Picture yourself enjoying your coaching session and benefiting from it. Don’t focus on the lack, focus on what you want – and will – achieve. Try it, it works!
#2 Check in with past clients
Ask them how they’re getting on, and if they need help with anything. You don’t need to sell – just keep the relationship warm. Sometimes a gentle reminder of what you do and how you help is enough of a nudge to get some new business.
#3 Ask for referrals and testimonials you can use in your marketing
There’s nothing like the power of others speaking about how great you are to bring in more business.
#4 Leverage your list
Email your list and offer free discovery sessions, focussed on helping your ideal clients with a specific issue, challenge or pain point. Need help building your list? Click here for some free training
#5 Offer past clients a limited-time special offer.
Show them an irresistible outcome and paint the picture of what you can help them accomplish.
upsell fries#6 Cross-promote with complimentary businesses
For stress management you might connect with a homeopath, massage therapist or business coach? For immune conditions, it might be a nutritionist or GP’s?
#7 Offer discovery sessions for specific solutions
Help with chronic problems such as Nail biting, stopping smoking, stress management, business cash-flow. The key is to make these as specific as possible
#8 Cross-sell, Upsell and Downsell
Would you like fries with that?
For every offer, think of ways of offering a higher value-add service, or a complimentary product or service
#9 Run a themed promotion
For example, around Stoptober (if you help people stop smoking), a Black Friday sale, Christmas offer, January special, Valentine’s Day, your birthday sale. You get the idea
#10 Create easily digestible packages of your services
Bundle 2 or complimentary services together and offer them at a special rate, or keep the pricing the same and offer a bonus for buying more than one thing
#BONUS TIP! Offer your training or taster program online, via Skype, webinar, hangouts, or try Periscope or Blab. You’ll reach a much wider audience. If you’re interested in taking your business online click here for some free training to get you started.
So give one or more of these a try and let me know how you get on.