Human Design – An introduction and how it impacts your Marketing, business (and life!)
Have you ever wondered why that strategy, funnel or exciting new Social Media blueprint that works like crazy for other people doesn’t work for you (however much you copy their posts, system, steps etc.)?!
It’s because the energy behind what you’re doing is “off”, i.e. not aligned with your personality, your natural or “authentic” way of doing things, your energetic strengths and gifts
How do you know what your energetic strengths and gifts are?
human designUsing Human Design 
Once you have your chart (get your free chart here) – you’ll have a much clearer idea of your top-line strengths and gifts energetically. Note: I say “top-line” because there’s a huge amount of information on your chart – 90% of which you don’t need to make immediate improvements to your marketing and communications. Just focus on the key traits provided at the top of your chart.
For example, there are 5 Human Design types – Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator, Projector and Reflector. Watch the video for an introduction to the five basic Human Design types…
Market to your strengths
Human Design is based on a mixture of astrology, I-Ching, Kabbalah, and other ancient energy systems.
It shows you how to market to your unique strengths, and explains why you can follow someone else’s blueprint or strategy TO THE LETTER but it still doesn’t work for you (it might work great for them though!).
It’s because you have your own unique energy and energetic strengths and you need to market to those not anyone else’s.
Human Design shows you how to do that…so I thought I’d share the introductory training I recorded recently.
Once you know your core Human Design characteristics you can focus on the marketing that works best for you. Understanding these principles has been an absolute game changer for mine, and my clients’ businesses.
Permission to be you
I promise you it’s a huge relief, and very liberating because you can literally give yourself permission to do things your way. No more stress, overwhelm, pushing hard to make things work. Instead go with the flow of your natural energy, and watch the magic unfold.
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