power hour energy coachingOne big game changer for me in my business has been working with energy (not a surprise if you’ve followed me for any length of time!)

Working with energy means tapping into your higher self and taking inspired action – being able to listen to intuition and filter out limiting beliefs, old patterns and programming, and of course the loud, noisy and attention seeking ego. The method I use is the REAL SHIFT METHOD (TM)

Because once you do that you can follow inspired action and experience a rapid uplevel in your business and life in ways you couldn’t once have imagined.

So in the spirit of practising what I preach (walking the walk, not just talking the talk!) it came to me that I need an entry level offer where people can experience what it’s like to work with their energy, and feel that sense of expansion, possibility and empowerment for themselves.

I have 30 day and 4 month mentoring packages but not everyone is ready for that (yet!). I’ve recently been asked to help so many people and that starts by giving people a taste of what being in vibrational alignment and full manifesting mode is like.

Creating your business and life, your way, is so powerful and liberating I want everyone to be able to experience it for themselves. So, I’m  excited to invite you to:-


For a limited time, and for a limited number of people, I’m offering a new way to work together, at a no-brainer affordable price (only £97 inc VAT for working with me 1-2-1)

POWER HOUR ENERGY COACHING CALL is just the boost you need if you feel stuck in your business or career and you KNOW you are ready for MORE but something is stopping you.

This powerful session taps into your energy and will show you where the blocks are, and how to move past them.

You’ll get your questions answered, and leave feeling empowered and ready for your next step – it’s like personal growth on steroids!

Wondering what impact an energy session could have on your business or life? Here’s what recent clients have said…

“After the session I felt far more positive, even optimistic, about my future. I felt more emotionally resilient and better able to cope with difficulties at work. Several days later I am much better equipped to deal with these work issues and now regard them as issues to work through on my own terms rather than feeling worried. All in all, an excellent session and very worthwhile.”

“I saw Cassie because I was struggling with attracting clients who had the ability to pay what I was charging for my services. I was looking for clarity as to what was holding me back and keeping me from speaking to the people who are ready and willing to invest in what I have to offer.

During my session with Cassie, she helped me gain deep insight and clarity on some important things that are holding me back from achieving the goals I desire”

It feels like everything I touch at the moment is aligned. I’ve signed up 2 new clients PLUS started delivering a live in my FB group and for the first time ever got a client from that work. There was something in our zoom session that really resonated with me. Thank you so much. Brilliant work!”  

“The work that we did together was very special. It’s difficult to articulate it, but suffice to say my business has shifted to the next level of growth because of it. Frances Day”

Your energetic breakthrough is just a click away, so hit me up for one of these fabulous sessions before they’re gone. Once my diary’s booked, it’s booked.

Sending love and energy