This week has been challenging
I have felt surprised (not in a good way), angry, confused, and overwhelmed.
A thorny legal issue that I thought had been resolved has raised its head again
People that I was relying on in my businesses let me down (both on the same day!)
It felt like the Universe was testing me in some way
It felt like being hit by a bus (because things came out of the blue)
After some therapeutic energy work I can see things for what they are 💫
It’s part of life and in energetic terms it’s known as “bridging” 💫
When you uplevel, or release deeply hidden blocks, your energy shifts, and things recalibrate around you. 💫
It can throw everything up into the air and cause karmic chaos! 😮
The Universe checks that you really want what are you lining up with – “You want more abundance and influence, but can you handle it?”
On the flip side, I have felt incredibly loved, supported and guided by some amazing souls and mentors ❤
I feel proud of myself for being self aware enough to realise what’s going on and not freak out too much (although bf might disagree!)
Although I won’t lie it’s affected me because you wouldn’t be human if it didn’t
But through the energy work that I’m doing (and the people I’ve met through this work) I have the tools and techniques to work through these rough patches
I pulled back from “doing” and focused more on “being” ❤
Working on my energy and state of mind was my #1 priority until I started to feel better (no point marketing when the vibe is off)
I followed the energy and asked for help (something that doesn’t come naturally to me)
My energy guided me to the right people
Lightbulbs went off 💡
Things started to turn around 🙂
I moved myself from being in victim consciousness (blaming, anger, feeling sorry for myself) into a more empowered energy, putting myself firmly back in the driving seat
From this higher and more positive perspective I was able to see things for what they were and reframe my thinking around them
To get out of my head, and prevent overthinking (why this, why me, why now?), into a space of acceptance and staying aligned with the bigger picture
I’m so grateful for the amazing people in my world for their support especially the lovely EBM ladies and to Lenka Lutonska and Sarah Ann Negus for teaching me the tools to shift energy and mindset – which are nothing short of life-changing. ❤
So today is a new day 😎
The energy is back up. I’m back on track and feeling aligned ✨
But keeping it real ⚡️
Because it’s not all sunshine and unicorns 🌈🦄
But the key message here is that you can CHOOSE how you see things, choose how you RESPOND, and you can TURN THINGS AROUND in your business and life very quickly. 💫
By following intuition and guidance.
And reach out for help if you need it. ✨