How to keep your marketing fresh so you consistently attract your soulmate clients (without being repetitive or turning into a content creating robot)

I’ve spoken to a couple of clients recently who are finding it hard to constantly innovate with their marketing, and worry about being repetitive or dull. This is even more so when time is tight, and you’re struggling to find time for marketing, let alone to feel creative and inspired! 

In fact, one client has decided to schedule a regular marketing meeting with herself because this is something that sometimes slips down the list, or even off the radar completely. 

It got me thinking about why creating compelling content that attracts your soulmate clients can seem such a slog. It’s because you’re not thinking like a marketer. 

Before you panic and think to yourself (as some clients have expressed) “I’m not a marketer, I find this stuff quite hard work, it doesn’t come naturally”, let me share how to make the whole process much easier. 

So here we go with some insights that will keep your marketing fresh, and get you off the content creation hamster wheel. 


Let’s be real. Marketing needs constant attention if you want consistent enquiries and clients. But that doesn’t mean having to write blockbuster content every day. 

Showing up consistently keeps you front of mind so when your clients need you, you’re their first port of call. I’ve been posting and blogging for 7+ years and never run out of content or ideas! 

Here’s how I and my clients use the 3 R’s (Recycle, Reinforce, Review) to keep content fresh and attract potential clients. 


There’s absolutely nothing wrong (and, quite frankly, life is too short and busy not to) with resharing posts. 

What that looks like for me (and what I teach in my Social Media workshops) is to schedule new posts 2 weeks after the first time of posting, then add them to your library and reshare regularly. 

“Won’t people get tired of seeing the same posts?” I hear you cry. . . the answer is No! 

No, because with the algorithm deciding who sees which posts, only a small percentage of your connections will see your post anyway. 

Plus, if you’re doing a good job of growing your audience you’ll have new people connecting with you all the time who won’t have seen your original post. 

And remember, the attention span on Social Media is very short. Someone may have seen your post, read it, even saved it, but forgotten to go back to it. Or skimmed it quickly but not absorbed everything. 

So, no they won’t get tired of it, especially as you’re not going to be reposting the same old thing every day. 

How often you repeat the same post will depend on how many core “brand building” (or “pillar”) posts you have. Once you’ve built up a backlog of posts you can add new posts to your content library and recycle them regularly. 

*A pillar post is an in-depth post or article that positions you as the expert in your field and showcases the value you provide to your clients. Pillar posts tend to be longer and more in depth (more like an article – like *this* post that I’m sharing). Often 1000-1500 words which explore and explain the main themes for your business. 

If a post is well written and not date specific it won’t age. 

One of my favourites – “15 ways to start the conversation on Social Media” has been updated 3 times but still stands the test of time after 5+ years. 

Another way to repurpose posts is to “top and tail” them with a fresh introduction or angle. 

Put them in context with something that’s happening in your field or a trending hot topic. 

For example, I might re-share my “15 ways to start the conversation on Social Media” post, if there’s a discussion in my group about where to find ideas for posts. 

Or if one of the 15 ideas has been replaced by something new, I’ll dust off that article, and reshare it with a note explaining what’s been updated and why. 


While your core message won’t change there will be never ending nuances and opportunities to expand on it and give examples. 

Reinforce what your business stands for by sharing examples, the more specific the better. Think day to day scenarios, of how your clients’ problems show up and impact their lives, and how your solution helps them resolve these situations. 

Use your experiences to tell stories and share real life scenarios that your clients can RELATE to (hint, being relatable is super powerful!) 

Paint a picture of WHY your share is so important by putting it into the context of a real person in a real situation. 

Being relatable and sharing content that RESONATES with your soulmate client is critical to attracting more clients. 

How to never run out of ideas for your Social Media posts 

Always look for stories and lessons to share (one of my clients calls this putting her “Marketing head on”) 

Every time I speak to a client or potential client I get ideas for new posts, or sometimes it’s something I’ve read in an article, or a discussion I’ve seen online. And it’s extra juicy if I disagree with what someone’s saying and want to share my viewpoint! 

TOP TIP: Get into the habit of thinking like a marketer. See every conversation, experience, client call as food for thought for your marketing. Keep a notepad of ideas based on things that pop into your brain. 

Wear your marketing hat and document what you’re doing (extra brownie points for stories and screenshots too!) and engage your audience. Make your them feel part of your business life. 

All of this reinforces your core message and shows your clients your value, but also that you’re human! 


Review what’s working!

This always sounds obvious but it’s something very few business owners do. 

I get it. 

Finding the time to review your marketing when you’re busy enough trying to keep things moving forwards and juggling multiple hats is not easy. 


You can work LESS and generate more enquiries and client leads IF you focus on the things that are working and ignore the rest. 

One of my clients had a 40% increase in sales using one strategy. If she hadn’t looked at what was working she would have been running herself ragged trying to do 10 different things and wondering why she wasn’t getting results. Instead she saved tons of time by ignoring the 9 things that weren’t growing her business and focused on the ONE thing that pulled in the sales. 

What you “think” is working versus looking at the cold, hard numbers is not always the same. 

Social Media (and human behaviour) can often surprise us! 

TOP TIP: Be a scientist and try different types of posts and then take a few minutes at the end of every month to review how they’ve performed. 

So in summary, there are many ways to keep your marketing fresh, engaging and attractive to potential clients.

Which one resonates most with you? 

This post might be enough to inspire you and get you into your “marketing head”. Others may need the support of a Marketing Mentor to help hone in on specific strategies that will work for them. If you need help please reach out – that’s why I’m here! I’ll also keep you on track, bounce ideas around with you, and show you what’s working in the current climate and how to choose the best options for you.