The third in a series of live Social Media reviews in my Facebook community. Live Review – Tocolo 

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Watch as I review the Facebook page of Wendy Cousins, Tocolo Practitioner.

WATCH THE LIVE REVIEW HERE…(learning lessons under the video)


live review - Tocolo✅FB Cover – show people how you help – 3 seconds to make an impact

Treat this like the ABOUT page of your website

✅Communicate your key message in 3 ways 1. visually, 2. message 3. keywords

✅Get clear on your ideal client – EXACTLY who do you want to attract and where are they in their journey (in terms of how that relates to what you offer)

✅Credibility – great to have credentials and social proof but that should support your message, not BE the message

✅Have a rich profile – use the STORY feature on your page to show people how you help

✅Tap into people’s emotions – what are they really buying when they come for a facelift or penile rejuvenation?

✅Be SPECIFIC on the results people will get. “Feel better” and “look natural” is vanilla …get more specific so people can RELATE.

✅OFFERS – put offers into context of who this is for and why that thing is beneficial – e.g lip fillers  – how will we look and feel and will that help with confidence, dating etc.

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