Social Media Review Instagram – with image consultant Lorraine @lorraine2018/
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🔥Top Tip: Have a content plan so you’re posting strategically and creating posts that your audience can relate to, and will find useful (NOTE: This is ONE of the things we do on my Social Media workshops. Another reason to sign up –
🔥Top Tip – use the carousel feature and upload multiple pictures – it keeps people on your feed longer and feeds the algorithm
✅If you serve more than one audience, make it clear who you’re speaking to in your bio.
✅Create separate content for each audience (and maybe even use a different platform)
✅Your bio needs to be easy to read – check out the Hemingway app
✅Who is your bio trying to attract?
✅Your goal is to Stop the Scroll by grabbing attention and being specific on who you help and how
✅Generic content won’t resonate with your ideal clients as much as tailored content that addresses people’s pain points and/or aspirations
✅If you have Social Proof, share it in your content!
✅Research your hashtags and use relevant ones e.g #toptiptuesday as well as subject and location hashtags
✅Use a hashtag tool to find popular and related hashtags around your topic (hashtagsforlikes or are two I like)
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