Fifth in a series of live Social Media reviews in my Facebook community. Live Social Media Review – My Friendly Helpers

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Watch as I review the Facebook page of My Friendly Helpers.

Live Social Media review of My Friendly Helpers Facebook page.

Live Social Media review with My Little Helper-

✅Worried your content might be repetitive and boring? Why this isn’t a problem
✅With a service based business talk about the services you offer. “DIY” covers a wide gamut of things (as a customer you might wonder how big or small a job you help with, whether you do “skilled” services such as wiring, or general handyman. Can you help ME?)
✅ Cover image – don’t use watermarked / licensed images (big no no!)
✅If you’re on a budget, use Canva to create your own using the templates (you can use their images too)
✅Blog post for royalty free images:
✅Facebook cover image – grab attention in a few seconds.
✅How to increase your customer base?
1. Have a content plan and post consistently
2. Share stories, videos, viral posts to increase engagement (this boosts the algorithm)
3. Promote your page on your website, email signature and other marketing
✅Paint a clear picture of what you do and how you help
✅Screenshot testimonials on your page (or use a Canva template) and use them as posts

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