Fourth in a series of live Social Media reviews in my Facebook community. Live Social Media Review – Tracey Baum

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Watch as I review the Facebook page of My Friendly Helpers.

Live Social Media review of Tracey Baum LinkedIn profile

live social media reviews - Tracey BaumLEARNING LESSONS

✅Get more specific on the transformation you provide
✅How do you know your wording is too generic? When what you promise (results) can be copied and pasted onto anyone else’s profile!
✅On LinkedIn – make sure your Summary expands on what you’re saying in the Executive Summary
✅Get people to RELATE to you with real life examples and scenarios
✅Show us you understand our problems by telling us how the pain points/frustrations manifest
✅Be clear on WHAT you’re helping people with, e.g. identify knowledge gap, changing mindset, building confidence (all different problems/solutions)
✅Understand *your* THING – your “genius” and speak to that in your marketing. Tell us why it’s important and how we’ll benefit.

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