The second in a series of live Social Media reviews in my Facebook community

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Watch as I review the Facebook page of Bodhini Aspirations 

WATCH THE LIVE REVIEW HERE…(learning lessons under the video)


✅When you’re creating content for your Social Media, be crystal clear on how you’re Positioning yourself and what you want to be found for…e.g.

You are the #1 go to person for? ….[fill in the blank as specifically as you can]

✅Your best customers don’t necessarily engage with your Social Media. They’re busy, they know, like and trust you already, and they’re ready to sign up. They don’t need to spend time consuming content.

✅People that engage are checking you out (think of my ripe tomato analogy. People that aren’t ready to buy NOW are getting to know you. Like tomatoes, people are at different stages of being ready “ripe” for your offer.

✅ Who EXACTLY do you want to attract into your world – and what specifically are you offering them to take them from where they are to where they want to be?

live social media reviews - bodhiniIn this case – might be relief from stress, quietening the mind – tell us why that’s important. Why is it beneficial?

✅ Yes, what you offer, might be capable of “helping everyone” or being “good for all” but don’t be jack of all trades, master of none. 

To resonate with your audience you need to communicate your “thing” in your marketing.

✅Think about what people are looking for, not what you offer. For example, mental hygiene, mental wellbeing, selfcare as part of being healthy and more resilient to deal with the stresses and strains of modern life

✅ If you want to attract a particular audience, e.g. men. What will resonate with them? What type of content are they consuming? [In this example, MindValley attracts a lot of men because it’s run by a man!]

✅ Do people with the problem you’re solving understand your wording (avoid jargon!).

✅People don’t need to know your process or methods. They care more about how you can help them relieve their problem or move them towards what they want.

✅ Keep two audiences in mind – 1. Problem aware (I’m stressed and want relief and 2. Solution aware (I love gong baths. Is there one near me?)

✅ If you personally are part of what you offer (e.g. you are guiding the meditations or providing the service) then we need to see you – think about how to connect and project your personality and energy (e.g. pictures, video, lives)

✅ Reuse your content because only a small % of fans on your page will see what you post so don’t be afraid to share more than once.

This is the power of having a fresh pair of eyes on your Social Media – because you can’t see your own blind spots!

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