The first in a series of live Social Media reviews in my Facebook community

Watch as I review the Facebook page of Liz Carabine, Spiritual Mentor and Angelic Reiki Master. 

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WATCH THE LIVE REVIEW HERE…(learning lessons under the video)


 Get specific with EXACTLY WHO you’re talking to. The goal of your Social Media content is to get people to resonate with your posts and think to themselves “she’s speaking to me”, “you’re reading my mind”, “she gets me”.
 Understand where people are in their journey. In this example, Liz’s audience will be at different stages on their spiritual journey and therefore have different WANTS, and NEEDS.
Being clear on WHERE someone IS and where they WANT TO BE is the gap you are filling.
 Be specific on the OUTCOMES you offer. When you say you will “Transform someone’s life” what does that actually look like in real terms? (This is where stories and scenarios can paint the picture for you)
 Use your Facebook page ABOUT and STORY sections to provide as rich a description of the things above ^^ as you can. And make sure it’s consistent with your posts.
 Just like your website, when someone visits your Facebook page, you’ve only got a few seconds to grab their attention with your cover image. Use that space wisely!
 Look at your profile and last 10 posts. Are you answering the questions people are asking themselves:
1. What’s in it for me?
2. Do I trust you?
3. Do I like you?
4. Do I believe you can help me solve my problem or reach
a goal?

live social media reviewsPhew! That was a big share and a lot of information – which is useful for any business, and any Social Media platform.

This is the power of having a fresh pair of eyes on your Social Media – because you can’t see your own blind spots!

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