Anyone else had a little freak out that January’s almost over? That time, and your 2023 plans, are getting away from you?
That was me this week.
Having moved house twice in 4 months I was beating myself up for having lost momentum in my business. Again.
Time was flying past and I wasn’t making progress (or so it felt)
Although I was happy where I was living, knowing another move was coming (but not when, or even IF it would happen) left me feeling very in limbo.
My energy felt off and I felt untethered in the world. Without a proper base or roots. I knew that at some stage, and probably at quite short notice, I’d have to up sticks again.
It was unsettling. It was hard to focus on business, make plans or commit to anything, when everything was so up in the air.
I felt I’d let people down. 🫣
Not followed up after my workshop 🫣
Despite having lovely people interested in more🫣
I struggled to focus
Having fun with friends and family at Christmas was a lovely distraction
And gave me the excuse to rest and recharge
But in the back of my mind I felt pressure to work on my business
To serve the clients who were there, wanting to work with me
To get back into Marketing in Flow
But the energy was off 🫣
When that happens it’s best not to fight it. Trust that things happen for a reason, and the Universe has your back. ✨
My coach nailed it this week when I shared my concerns. She laughed and said this is the Universe’s way of making sure you fully experience and embody what your clients are going through.
It’s true. You can only be authentic when you’ve experienced and worked through the issues yourself. It’s a rite of passage.
So here I am, fully embodied in building the momentum back up in my business. ✨
The house move happened recently. It’s a major refurb project but it’s home. It feels wonderful! ✨
By doing the inner work, and shifting my energy, I’ve achieved a massive step forward in my business – all with just two Facebook posts. ✨
My energy has shifted; I feel empowered and motivated again, and the procrastination, doubts, fears and self-flagellation have disappeared. 💫
[side note: I believe my new home has magical energy which is feeding my creativity and connection to source. More on that to come! 🌈]
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